Thursday, June 2, 2011

Her Zest!

Let's face it, we don't always have time for friends with our busy lives.....but i make sure that despite what is going on in my days, i make time to see them, even for an hour or two. At times it can be tricky.

The other night my "prima- Natalia" which means "cousin" and that is what i call her and one other very close friend to my family (she lives in New York)  anyhow she called me and said "hey do you want to go for a stroll in the morning?" Now, keep in mind she lives in Toronto and the drive to my house which is now at borderline Vaughan/Brampton would take at least 20 minutes. With no traffic. Naty and i speak all the time, but it has been too long since we have seen each other. When i say too long, I'm talking just over a month.

Naty is loyal and such an amazing heart. I, along with many others, all agree that "there is no other like Natalia." She is half Spanish and half Italian, and let me tell you, she carries BOTH jeans 100% (lol) But she is truly a Latina! I LOVE HER!!!! Her ZEST for life is amazing.
She is the "friend" that surprised us and dressed up like Santa Claus this past Christmas for our XMAS potluck. She is one of my FAVOURITE people in the world. She is the friend i can count on for EVERYTHING! She is like blood to me. Literally. You know the friend you know would be at your bedside every step of the way?? Yeah, her. Captain adores her and she "spoils him" (too much)

We made our plans to meet that next day and take a stroll.
Look, we may not always have time for one another, but a quick stroll, a coffee, a run.....there is always an hour or two. We walked, chatted, laughed, reminisced (we have been steady friends for over 15 years)
made plans for our futures, spoke about families, children, her papi (man), Landmark Education....i mean we chatted and chatted. The beautiful scenery that we actually stopped to look at. We took our time to admire nature and GOD!

I did not want to go in and get ready for work. But even though i knew i only had an hour and a half, we kept our promise to go for a stroll. While we were getting in a workout, we got in some "bonding time." She ended up dropping me to work yesterday because we wanted to spend that extra time together so i left my car at home.

My friends, despite what is going on in your life, make time! I know it can get hard,but we have got to do it. At the end of the day, all we have is our family and friends. Put everything aside every now and than, and have some "girl time." There is nothing more soothing than that. We all need it. We can't go our entire lives just working working working. It is not possible. We need love, attention and care.

We made plans to go camping this month and a few other things for the summer.
The older i get, the more i crave my friends and family. Nothing else is as important. I use to chase and run after "money and fame" but i have come to place of understanding. I understand that "that stuff" is nada.

Today, I'm spending my day off with my baby sis. We are going "shopping and walking" taking our time TOGETHER as we take this life journey TOGETHER!

Come on, reach out, all the love you want and need..... it's right there.


  1. We can't go our entire lives just working working working. It is not possible. We need love, attention and care. ~ Amen to that mamacita~


  2. I had a beautiful day with you sis. I love you so much.... and I love making you laugh!!!


    your lil sis Suz