Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spice Up Your Life!

As i sit here at my desk at work, I'm making my "summer" plans with my brother John, as a family. We usually get together during the summers but this summer will be a bit different. We want to do some camping this we are planning a couple trailer trips. Yes, although we all have jobs and are pretty busy with other "life" tasks, we know and understand how important it is to get together as a family at least once a month.

I'm writing out all the things i want to do this summer to "spice up my life" and on my list i have written:

The Zoo
Wild Water Kingdom
African Lion Safari
Sports (with Captain)
The Beaches
Water Parks
Bike Riding
Women's Groups/Events
Writing Courses (part time)
My Happiness Project Group (we have 9 months left)
Social time with friends

This list will grow and I'm very serious about it ALL! My focus this year is "family & friends" I have been going.. going... going for almost 2 years with "no breaks" and i must admit, I'm tired. I'm tired of doing so much and not feeling fulfilled. It took some time for me to finally understand that my family and close friends are the only ones that make me feel good. I mean, i love my jobs and all, but i adore my family and the way they make me feel. My ideal "job" would be to be a "stay home mom" (lol)

I love looking into my niece's and nephew's their smiling faces or when my niece hugs me and tells me I'm beautiful...when my nephew calls me "tata" which he has been since he was a baby. It's suppose to be "titia" but he always said it "his way" (lol) I love when we have family sleep overs and just like our childhood, we make big sleeping areas on the floor in the living room so that we can all crash on the floor....but we stay up most of the night. I love having family potlucks. I love waking up to my older brother bugging me at like 4am, and i act like I'm annoyed, yet I LOVE it. He sits or lays beside us on the floor and makes weird noises. About a month ago, he turned on the coffee machine on purpose because it sounded like a tornado hit the Keep in mind we were laying right there! I flipped but when i put my head back down to go back to sleep (i had just fallen asleep an hour prior) i could not help but laugh my head off. My brother John has been doing foolishness like this since we were kids. One day when i was about 10 years old, he chased my sister and i around the house with a plug in saw...but the joke was, it wasn't even plugged in LOL!

Growing up, i never understood the importance of "family" and didn't really care. I was selfish and cared mainly for "friends" or the "so-called friends" and paid very little attention to "who mattered" but this all changed. When? Well, mainly after my separation. I had neglected them and after this happened, they were the exact ones who were at my side. So today i say to you all, "never ever ever neglect your family for anyone or anything." Please take these words serious. It does not matter what happens between you all, be the bigger person. You would never imagine how far that can go.

If you want to open a business, start a new journey, take a trip.....start with your family. Don't listen to those people who say "never mix business with family" that is a lie. Anything you put your mind and HEART too will be a success.

So my question to you today is, what will you do to spice up your life this summer? Maybe you can write down all the things you want to do this summer and plan dates to do them. Not everything requires money. Write down the dates you will plan these events and the reasons why you would NOT.

Don't limit yourself and your family. Take chances. Dare to be brave and go for it. I have never went "hiking" but I'm daring myself this summer. If you have kids, HAVE FUN! Gretchen Rubin says, "so many parents say they never have fun but how can that be if you have kids? Go have some fun with them. Build a fort at home....create things for you all to have fun....with kids you will always find ways to have fun."
That is true.

Go ahead. Get that list started.

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