Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Heart Abiding In God's Word- PT2

For you should be like a tree planted by the waters, which spread out its roots by the river.
Jeremiah 17:18

Sometimes life will throw things our way that will make you start "all over again" and this may upset us, anger us or even discourage us.

Elizabeth speaks of a scenario in this chapter that is very moving. She describes a story about a plant that had no roots....make this long story short, this is how God works in US! How can God grow in us if our roots are not grounded in Him. If He is not IN US, than what will He have to "work" with?

Do you remember what God promised us? Read John 10:10
He sticks to His promises but He must first see that we are serious about HIM.

Elizabeth talks about the HIDDEN ROOTS. Well, all roots are hidden....from the public eyes. However, God sees them. We want what shows on-on the inside to come to "action" on the outside.
We want people to see God in us. The manifestation. In our work, with our families, partners and friends. We need our roots to grow deep into God so that He can pull us away from this world. Away from people people people. You think "your/our" ministry will grow more if you are spending more time with people, in crowds, with the bible study group....NO that is not what God requires from us. He wants you to be alone with Him. Praying and seeking His voice and guidance at all times.
She also says "she exchanges her weariness for His strength, her weakness for His power, her darkness for His light, her problems for His solutions, her burdens for His freedom........" So well put.

If your roots are rooted in the Lord, you will bear life long qualities but you will also bear fruit faithfully.

So how does a woman draw near to Gods heart?

1. Develop a habit of drawing near to God- Only through routine can you develop this...

2. Design a personal time for drawing near to God- For me, it is the time i spend walking in the morning or while I'm driving.

3.Dream of being a woman after God's heart-Elizabeth says to "describe the woman you want to be spiritually in one year; and this will put wings on your dreams."

I know i want to become the woman of my dreams and I'm going to put in more than i have been ..."10%" is what he requires. Just 10?? Wow!

Dare yourself to be better, do better and go ahead and find another place to plant those "seeds" or simply start watering your "garden/tree" :-))))

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