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So you might be looking at the title of this blog and asking yourself what does cleaning my closet do with fashion? Well trust me, this critical step is really important when it comes to building yourself a stylish wardrobe. It helps you organize your closet, helps you differ a summer outfit from a spring outfit, and it allows you to find out what kind of outfits you need to buy yourself the next time you go shopping.

When it comes to cleaning my closet I always procrastinate because one part of cleaning means getting rid of some of my clothes and it is always hard for me to say goodbye to the family member I never knew about. I have a lot of clothes; a huge basket of clothes I can wear at home, an entire 2-metre rack of tops I can wear to school, another 2-metre shelf of jeans stacked on top of each other, a basket of tank tops, and another overflowing basket full of jeans and tops that need to be washed! With the lack of time I have, it’s hard to maintain my clothes so my closet is totally unorganized. The results of my unorganized closet are the following; I keep losing my clothes, I don’t know that I own some of the most beautiful tops, I wash clothes that have tags on, and I can never find myself the outfit I planned to wear. This is a nightmare for me so in order to get rid of this nightmare I need to clean my closet!

I only wash my clothes when I run out of clothes to wear and this happens once a month. Don’t judge me, the clothes I wear are clean! I have enough clothes for me to wear for an entire month. If I am washing my clothes, it means my closet is almost empty and it’s easy for me to organize it to the way I had it before. So this cleaning of my closet is more of an organizing one. I put back all my clothes where it belongs so it looks aesthetically pleasing.

The next organizing method is the one that includes a lot of work. I do this organizing 3-4 times per year; before school starts, beginning of winter break, during March break and after school ends. To do this cleaning you might need a basket and some hangers but you surely need the following, a mirror and an honest person.

First I empty my closet and fill my room with the clothes I own. By the way, if you are a neat freak embrace yourself and if you live with one, tell them not to enter your room because it is going to be a huge mess! After you empty your closet, sweep or vacuum your closer because this is the only chance you get to get rid of the dust bunnies. Next, wear all your clothes and this is where the honest person comes in. Let them criticize you even if it means breaking your precious little heart. Don’t think I don’t know that you purposely have clothes that are a size smaller for you! Take those clothes and put it off to the side because I promise you, you are going to add onto it. As you go through your closet you might find some clothes that you have never seen before or even have tags on them and that is totally normal. You must wear everything in that closet even if you know it fits you.

As you are trying on things add your clothes to the following piles; the too small clothes pile, the clothes I’m not going to ever wear again pile, the too big clothes pile, and the clothes I will wear pile. Put the “clothes I will wear pile” and the “clothes I will not wear pile” to the side and now lets attack the rest of the piles. See if you can use the too big or too small clothes. I love to wear clothes that are bigger for me at home or you may be able to wear the bigger clothes by adding belts. For example if a top is too big, you can add a belt to the smaller part of your waist. If you really can’t find any use to wear it then throw the clothes into a bag. I like to layer so I sometimes wear a small top and then wear a sweater only revealing parts of the smaller top and no one ever notices that top is real tight. All of you are guilty of keeping these smaller tops and bottoms because you tell yourself that you will eventually lose weight but its time to be honest with yourself. Are you actually going to lose weight to fit into these clothes? The chances of that are slim so now its time to throw in the rest of the “clothes too small for me pile” and the ”’I’m never going to wear this pile” in the bag with the “clothes too big for me pile”. Keep this bag to the side!

Next, find a way you can organize your clothes into your closet. You can do it by colour, by the type of use, the style, and etc. There are so many ways to organizing your closet! Do it the way you think will be easy to maintain and efficient to use. I can’t really tell you how to do this because it is more of a personality thing and it also depends on what kind of closet you have. I have a walk-in closet so I use baskets to help me organize my clothes into type of use and style.

Good luck cleaning your closet! When you are done, go ahead and treat yourself by going shopping for more clothes!

Keep the bag of clothes you don’t want anymore to the side and stay tuned because I will be telling you what you can do with these clothes in next week’s blog!

Written By, Vyshnave Jeya

Lizzy's End of Spring and Summer 2013 Pixx

And a little something for our FELLA'S!

Yes these are definitely styles that I would Rock! Happy Dressing Ladies!


For all you fashion lover who appreciate fashion in all shapes, colors and forms, you have got to log on and follow Mim's Blog. She is a woman of class, sophistication and is definitely SHARP.
Take a look!
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Micheal Kors Watches!


Log on friends and start cook'n

What an evening!
If You Played In My Playground
Book Launch' Soiree

This was an evening to remember. A room filled with love & unity.
It was a perfect night. Men and women from all walks of life came together to celebrate ONE thing; eachother.
I would not have changed anything about the evening. The decor, food, stories and the love were all ordained.
I trust many of you were touched and inspired to fulfill your calling / purpose here on earth.
See you soon.

If you have not purchased your copy of the book, please do so by visiting the home page (here) and clicking the PayPal button. For the next few weeks there will be no additional taxes added to the cost of the book.

I LOVE you all!

I hope you all watched JLO On AMA
If you missed it, please log on here.
 This dress is so stunning and beautiful. She never seems to surprise me. Despite what the media has to say about this woman. She is fierce. She is a true business woman. In the midst of all her current drama with her personal life, she put on an amazing performance and even topped it off with an award. Way to go Jennifer.

Read These Success Stories
                                                          Ending violence against women
The Canadian Women's Foundation funds groundbreaking initiatives that help women and their children rebuild their lives after abuse (like emergency loan funds), that teach teens about healthy relationships, and that counsel children who have witnessed violence, to help them heal and prevent them from becoming victims or abusers themselves.  

Back To School Shopping!

As i was shopping the mall the other day for some clothes for Captain, i could not believe how many beautiful and very affordable pieces were selling at H&M.
If you have not gone into that store yet, please do so. There are some cute writing books, agendas, shoes, accessories and everything a young woman would need. Scarves, school bags and much more.


So You think You Could Dance?

I'm totally loving this show right now ladies. I don't know if you are following it, but i suggest you log on and get all the updates.

Oprah's Letter To YOU

On September 8, 1986, the first national episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show was broadcast into homes across America. Now, 25 years later, Oprah steps onto the stage for the last time to share her greatest lessons and hopes for her viewers. __________________________________________

"After deliberating for some time, we decided to do what we do best, and that is a show about and with everyday people. This show always allows people, hopefully, to understand the power they have to change their own lives. If there's one thread running through each show we do, it is the message that you are not alone. Twenty-five years and I'm still saying thank you, America. Thank you so much. There are no words to match this moment. Every word I've ever spoken from this stage of The Oprah Show for 4,561 days of my life is what this moment is all about.

"When I came here, I was about to turn 30 years old. I didn't have a vision or a lot of great expectations. Stedman talks about vision all the time, but I didn't have one when I came here. I just wanted to do a good job and cause no harm. ... That first day was a shock to me. There was no audience. There I am in my best Anne Klein II velour outfit, my guests were a few Chicago football players, New Year's Day, 1984. ... I needed people. I needed to have you to gauge how things were going during the show, if you were responding, if you were laughing, if you were tracking with me. So after that first show, we put up some folding chairs in the audience. We brought in the staff. Secretaries. Anybody we could find in the building and filled the first rows with staff people and the rest with people off the street that we bribed with doughnuts and coffee, and we'd say, 'Come in.'
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Check out the new pieces at BCBG!


Women I Admire
I woke up this morning in such a vibrant mood. Maybe it has something to do with my new home or the fact that I'm back in the gym, but whatever it is, I'm present to it and am loving it.
I decided to pot a few pics of the ladies i strongly admire, that you will or may all know. I have a few friends that would make this list, but you will not be able to relate or to feel what I'm trying to do here.
These women all inspire me so much.
They are brave. Smart. Beautiful. Intelligent. Survivors. True Examples or REAL women.
These are my picks.

Tamia & Family


Joyce Myers


Maya Angelou


At Last, but NOT least OPRAH

Kim Is Looking Just Like.....
Well you be the judge!

I usually browse the net in the morning for things like; the latest fashion trends, quotes, inspirational poems, ideas for blogging and so on...
When i came upon this magazine picture i actually thought it was KIM"S MOTHER!!!
Look into Kim's face and tell me if I'm tripping or what???

The dress is beautiful and is by the way a "must summer have"
I would wear it a bit longer :-)))

O's Book of Happiness!

I though since i had been reading up on Happiness so much lately, that i would share my newest purchase with you all.

I copied and pasted her blurb of this book from her website.

"For those in search of the key to joy, here is the ultimate guide to a fuller life. O's Big Book of Happiness: the third volume of The Best of O, The Oprah Magazine book series, gathers the year's most empowering, energizing, and entertaining articles. Filled with advice from such experts as Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, Martha Beck, Suzy Welch, and Oprah the book addresses four major aspects of life."

•"Your Mind/ Your Body" focuses on emotional and physical well being: maintaining health, building confidence, finding a sense of purpose and balance.

•"Dreaming Big" inspires us to aim high and realize our aspirations with practical advice on all aspects of life, from money to heeding your inner voice.

•"Dating, Mating, Relating" provides the tools and insights everyone needs to forge better connections with our partners, families, friends and co-workers.

•"Do Something!" urges the reader to make life more meaningful by reaching out to help and support others.

•336 pages with over 300 photos

•Hardcover with jacket - 9 1/4" x 11 1/8"

Price: $29.95

Ok as always when I'm watching videos (of all kinds) My eyes are always looking for fashion fashion fashion treats. As i was building my portfolio for a young women's group i do along with Unique Ladies Colleen and Natasha, i got a bunch of pictures together of when i was a little girl...let me tell you how i could see my love for fashion all over those photos. It was so amazing to see this. Anyhow i was watching the new Kelly and Nelly (i like these two) video and ohhhh my look at the shoes Kelly is wearing here.

OK so I'm getting ready to go off on vacation with my boys and i went "browsing" this morning very early before anyone hit the malls....ohhh my so many summer dresses to choose from. As if i don't have enough of these already.

The maxi style trend never gets old. It is loved in all cities and countries, suitable for all ages, and available in many shapes and sizes. Some women like them because they can show off their slim shape and others prefer them to hide flaws. I like them for both. Depends onmy day. But these dresses will never run out of style. No matter when or where, be sure to have your Maxi Dress. Log onto this link and view some HOT HOT HOT dresses.


Ok i had to post these shoes Kim Kardashian wore to the movie premier for UNKNOWN with her mother. This woman is starting to make it on my "A" game list. I must say she has totally grown on me. To a point where I'm actually looking forward to her Reality show on Sunday nights and happy to be getting my higher cable package that Keeno recently ordered just so i can watch more of The Kardashians on TV. Of course that is not why he and my foster son got it but they do know that that is why I'm looking forward to it.
These Christian Louboutin shoes are HOT!!!!!!


Chanal and Sarah Burton's runway deput for Alexander McQueen

Talk about POWER!!!
Did you get to watch this show yesterday?

It was amazing. Made me feel like i need to get out and really WORK my behind off to accomplish my goals.

They even had airport dogs  and scanners at the check in line. But who can really blame Chanel for wanting to protect everyone and everything.

If you missed the show log on here and enjoy this video.

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