About Me

Elizabeth Correia- Mother of three beautiful boys; Keeno, Captain and Kirk who joined her family in 2008, motivational speaker, writer and founder of 'D.e.v.a In You Group' which is a self development and Life Coaching Company for women and at-risk girls.

This woman finds peace and joy in uplifting women and encouraging youth from all walks of life to discover the D.e.v.a within (the divine, exalted, victorious, angelic). She has embraced her destiny in empowering women and girls and is committed to using her story in service of her community.

Elizabeth lives life on and with purpose-daily.

She is no stranger to obstacles and adversity; abused as a child, in and out of foster care, struggled to make it out in the world alone and pregnant in her teens. She knows exactly what it means to be a survivor. Elizabeth does not believe these things hold you down or back. She quotes, "My trials and tribulations have help to shape me into the woman I am today. I'm far from perfect but I strive to be the best I can be without taking things serious enough to affect me negatively"

Elizabeth is REAL woman with a REAL story, that strives to help REAL people.

She continues to put her trust in God which empowers her to be the woman she was born to be. None of which she believes would be possible without BELIEVING!

She has recently published her memoir titled "If You Played In My Playground"
A book about her life/journey before and after finding self-love, happiness, peace and God. She plans on releasing this book in 2012. Elizabeth holds nothing back in this elating but tear jerking story.

"Being a mother is the highest paid job I have ever had, since the pay is PURE LOVE. When my children were born, I was born. Since I felt like I did not exist before. I mean, I as a woman -did, but the "mother" did not. She was NEW. I never quite leave my children at home, even when I don't take them along. I'm never really alone in my thoughts anymore. I don't think for myself and have not done that in many years. I think once for myself and then once for my children.

Despite their ages, as a mother, my work is never done. No matter where they go off too, be it school or marriage, my boys will always have a home. As long as I'm alive, where ever I may be, there they will find a home. Because Mother = Home.

"I believe God knew he could not be everywhere (physically) so he created mothers."

I live my life everyday wondering what can I do today to make a positive difference in someone's life?