Friday, June 17, 2011

A Heart That Obeys PT 4&5

As i read the words Elizabeth wrote in these two chapters and the way she started off the chapters, i truly thanked God for giving me the strength to raise Keeno into such an amazing young man. Only God.
I gave him the basics (just like Elizabeth), of faith, homemaking, and cooking (which is what he now does as his job at work and in school-Culinary Arts)

But the one thing i believe i did not give him "always" is obedience. In sayng that, i mean in EVERY way. Not just with me, or his family.....but in general. God is looking for obedience in all areas. It was the ONE thing he looked for when choosing the King. He even took the crown away from Saul because he did not believe Saul was fit to be King (other reasons too) 1 Samuel 13:14
This is why he gave David the title and said that David was "....a man after my own heart" this is where the title for the book came from. There are many reasons why He did this and if you read Samuel, you will find all of them.

Ok so what am i saying? We must live our lives with our hearts after God. In the bible He says, "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" Proverbs 3:6

Do you believe this?

I do. I have plenty of reasons to tell you why i know this is the truth. Now, I'm not saying I'm innocent but there are certain things i just won't do. Period. Read between the lines. Cease doing what is wrong. The moment you think of doing something that would be against what God would like or want, stop. Just stop. When you are laying up with that man, you know you don't feel right. Stop and get out. I'm not just talking about fornicating or committing adultery here tho... I'm talking about gossiping, anger, lying, stealing...and the list goes on. I ask my friends and family, "if God were standing right here with you, would you do this." Just ask yourself that.

Obedience is a foundation stepping stone in life but above all it is a stepping stone on the path of Gods will. Without it, who are we?

Is there an area in your life that you feel you are not up to par with God? If so, go ahead and do what you need to do. I can't tell you what that may be, ONLY you and God know that.

As you step ahead and desire the things and people of God, you will see a transformation take place in your life.
I DID!!!!!

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