Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm One Lucky Woman/Mother

Yesterday was a long day for me. After dropping my Captain at school i headed off to my 75 minute Hot Yoga class, and than got ready to head to the studio from Carla's (my boss) house. From the moment we got in, it was meeting after meeting, task after task and by the time i knew it, it was 10pm. Wow, the day was busy. I was so hungry by the time i walked in the house. I knew Keeno and Kirk (my foster son) went paint balling and i did not think they were home yet. To my surprise, they were. They started telling me their "stories" and showing me their bruises from the paint balls (lol) I had not walked into the kitchen as yet, and when i did, i was speechless. My sons had prepared a nice hot meal for me. Chicken breast. Yummy!!! I was so pleased just to watch them as i got to sit back and relax. They gave me so much love. Keeno (as always) hugged and kissed me up (lol) while Kirk laughed and told me all about his planned day for tomorrow.

I stayed up with them chatting and enjoying the present moment. When i went to lay down to sleep, i started crying a bit. Happy cry. I realized how lucky and blessed I am. I thanked God for my life, my kids and my family. I told God that i have no regrets and would never take back anything from the past. Not that i would do it again, but it is in the past and my kids and i are at such an amazing place today. We are happy and at peace. We may not have money (yet) but we are not hungry. Our bills are paid and we have food to eat. My kids are healthy, so truly what more can i ask for?

My Captain loves me so much. I get about 100 kisses and hugs from him a day. He tells me DAILY, "mommy you are a princess. You so buutiful (beautiful) and i love you bigger than the uniberse (universe)." He caresses my face and cheeks so gently and constantly reminds me of how pretty I am. He tells me stories and sooths my heart. He knows when I'm upset even tho i don't show it....or at least i don't think i do. But he/they know. He makes my world all the better. He makes everything ok.

If you are a mother, please put everything aside. Take some time out for your children. Turn off the cell phones and TV and just enjoy staring into their eyes as they talk to you. You don't even have to say much. Just be still with them. They know when we are not paying attention. Trust me.

No matter what is happening or has happened, I'm one lucky woman :-))))


  1. wonderful blog hunny!

  2. Heyyyyyy are you away? lol