Monday, June 6, 2011

A Woman After God's Own Heart...PT #1

I woke up this morning with GOD on my mind. I must admit there are many mornings where i wake up and "forget" to glorify Him. To thank Him for waking me and sparing my life... another day. What a privilege, yet so often i/we forget to say "Thank You Father."

On my walk this evening, i took a book with me that i have already read but my heart told me over and over again in the past month or so that i need to read it again. of those books.
The book is titled "Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George. An amazing author who has written a few favourite books of mine. Like "A Woman's High Calling." Her passion is to teach the Bible in a way that changes women's lives. She has also been active in ministry for over 25 years. She is truly a woman of God.

As i began to walk and read Chapter One titled "The Pursuit of God" i felt this presence in my body, around me and with me. Than something happened but i won't get into that....Elizabeth starts her chapter by talking about the walks she takes every morning...and than goes on to talk about her mother in law who had passed away days prior and the wonderful thoughts she had of her. How she was a woman after God's own heart. A worshipping woman who loved, walked, served and spoke about looking forward to being with Him in eternity. Her words resonated with me so deeply. If there is one thing i know or sure of is God knows the desires of my heart. He knows what i long for and how much i love Him.

As i walked and read my book and than took small breaks to take in the scenery around me and to say a few words to God, i realized that time was passing. I was not getting any younger, yet i was getting older. That is for sure. There is less and less time for becoming that woman i know God wants and needs me to be. The woman i have been called to be. My life counts in His eyes. He wants me and all of me. God is a jealous God and although there are no men  or a man in my life, he sees the other "worldly" things we put ahead of Him. like work, the kids, etc. All of these things matter but they are not above God. Nothing and no one is.

I almost forgot about the story of Mary and Martha (Mary's sister) until i read it today. When Jesus showed up for dinner at their home, Mary was present and sat with Jesus (God) giving Him her full attention while Martha was busy in the kitchen preparing for Him in order to impress Him. Martha even made comments about how she was doing all this for Jesus and that Jesus must tell Martha to help. "She became overly involved in her hostessing." Mary put worship at the top of her "to do list."

Mary chose one thing needed. She was preoccupied with one thing at ALL times-Him.

What are some things we can do to become more devoted to God?
How can we tell the whole world "watching" that we are women after God's own heart?

-Choose God's ways at every opportunity-Proverbs 3:6

-Commit yourself to God daily- Offer Him a fresh commitment each day.

-Cultivate a Hot heart. Revelations 3:15-16
The bible says it is better to be hot or cold for luke warm ".....will spew you out of my mouth"

When you are praying at night or in the day pray out loud. I don't mean start screaming...i mean just talk out loud. Trust me, it will make a difference in the comfort of your own praying.
There is something that Elizabeth mentions in her first chapter that truly captured my attention. But i will tell it in my "own words" to relate to my "own" story.

When i was in the world i use to pump hip hop and all the latest and oldest R&B music while i was driving....than i started listening to just R&B...and than i would just listen to the radio..after i was saved i would listen to classic R&B, soul music, jazz...than i decided gospel music or any type of Christian music would do...i moved on up to sermon tapes...than the bible taped on a CD...(this is over a period of about 10 years) until finally NOW i very rarely listen to music, unless Captain is in the car requesting one of his fav gospel songs.... otherwise i don't crave it. I don't think about it either. I value my quiet time spent with God in the car. I pray and  talk to Him. I worship Him and i give Him thanx every moment i get.... especially in my car. If i do listen to music, it's gospel or maybe Spanish music once in awhile. But i find I'm in the best mood when i drive in silence and with the presence of the Lord.

I will be walking in the evenings and for 45 minutes in the mornings. As i walk i will read and be humbled by the voice of God. I will also walk with you through each chapter for the next little while. As God speaks to me, i will speak to you.

As i sit here in my room by my bedroom patio, writing and blogging there is one thing I'm sure of; I'm a woman after God's own heart...

Join me on this journey....

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