Friday, June 3, 2011

My Baby Sis....

Through joys and worries, peace and strife

A faithful sister's there for life
A trusted friend so full of grace
No one can take a sister's place

I found that as apart of a poem online about sisters. It really resonated with me.

Yesterday i spent the entire day with my little sister. When she came to pick me up, we decided to go and surprise mommy at her house. Recently mom had sold her house and by the time it was sold her and my step dad still had not found a new house to purchase. They decided to move into a building for a year and save some more money. Well my sister had not been there yet, and when we pulled up she literally "ducked" (lol) Just joking. But just as i was when i first saw it, she was very shocked to see where mom had moved too. The building and area is, let's just say, ummm "interesting." I can totally understand moms innocence in why she chose this place, but sis did not (lol). I'm getting use to it now.

We brought my car loaded with shoes and bags for mom. Like 40 pairs of shoes and 30 bags. Yes, i did a "cleaning out" in my closet. But this was not just "any" cleaning out. These items were almost new.
Below is a picture of sis pulling out Keeno's work boats in the trunk. She thought i was giving them to mom and starting cracking jokes lol.

We grew up in the projects downtown and mom does not care where she lived, as long as she is happy...and she is. Sue and i got so many jokes yesterday. We cracked ourselves up all day.

You know you live in the "ghetto" when there is an ATM machine in the lobby or the elevators look like this.....they are still not as bad as the ones in our "Bleecker Street" building. Overall, it was a great feeling in this weird kinda way.

Anyhow, after we had a visit with mom and enjoyed a drink with her and Carlos and started skyping back to Portugal. We took so many pictures and got jokes from Carlos (our step dad of 26 years)

After we left there we headed to Moxies to eat. I was planning on having something healthy, but we chose "burgers" and let me tell you, it was amazing. We ate those bad boys in minutes lol.

Sue and i talked about so much things. I see her all the time, but we spoke about things from our childhood that we chose to put aside most of our lives. It was so therapeutic and uplifting. I mean why did we "hide things" anyway? It is and was apart of our story. I can see that there is such a sense of release between the both of us.

It is amazing how affectionate we are when we are together. We never fail to say "i love you" or constantly hug and kiss. We remind one another daily of what we mean to each other, in little ways. We make sure to send "daily love words" and never fail to speak often/daily. We value our time together and have no regrets. Yesterday, she was reminding me of so many things we did and phases we went through and we got some serious laughs. So many of those things i had forgotten.
After our dinner, we walked to the mall across the street so that we could pick up a couple things. Had more jokes and enjoyed the "walking." We were in no rush. There was about 3 hours left to pick up Captain, across the street.

One of the most funniest things she did when we went into a "sales" store. Can't remember which one it was, and i picked up a dress and said, "oh wow mama look, this dress is only $10, you think it would look good on me?" and she said "yes, you should buy it" and turned around to take a picture of me holding the dress. I took the camera from her at that point.

When i turned back around Sue was standing there with an outfit in her hand saying "so you think this would look good on me?" We broke out laughing so hard. It was so unexpected and it was the way she did it and what she was holding in her hands. You can see below. She had that exact expression on her face and i told her to hold her position so i can take a pic.

We had such an amazing time and we did not want the day to end.

My sister's love is what keeps me grounded. Her love is what makes me feel special and excepted. When i think of ever loosing her or something happening, i get sick. I can't help being so paranoid at times. But it's the thoughts of her ever loosing me, that i can bare to think, yet, they haunt me. I'm sure this is because of our past and everything we have endured.

I have grown to a place in my life where i know and understand "friends" are so special, but the older i get i hang onto my baby sister's love. I value her so much and at times i do have small regrets of the things i have done to her.....but she does not hold it against me. We don't have any space our my memories for bad memories. ZERO. We hold onto the good and keep it moving. We may not have had the best "family upbringing" but we had the best times together with our "siblings." If it had not been for our brothers and each other, we are sure we would not have made it though our childhood. Our children love one another and we can't ask for anything more.

I love my family and i adore my siblings. I could not ask for anything more, at this point in my life, except that mom moves out FAST! (lol)

Thank you Lord.


  1. WOW..... these pics remind me of our laughs!! We had a great day...and laughed soooo much! Thats what got us threw life most of the time.... LAUGHING!! Even when we should of been crying!! And im glad we did...and always do! Keeps us young!

    I love you big sis


  2. Sue it is so true mama. I love you and i now know how important it is to always stick together as family until the end....xoxox