Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fly Away!

We planned our day down to the last minute today.

But when we saw that the clouds were not going away, we had no choice but to change our plans.

We were on our way to Wild Water Kingdom (Captain and i) and realized it was too cold. We got in the car at about 10am and it was so chilly. I, of course did not want Captain to get sick so i decided to change the plan. That was so hard as my lil guy had his geart set on the water park. So did i :-(((
So we decided to head to Cambridge to "Dinga's" house. Which is what he calls my sister. Stands for "godmother" in Portuguese.But many of you may know that the 401 was closed. Both east and west. I did not know this. Thank GOD i was only stuck in it for about 15 minutes before i spotted a side road that people were turning on and took the same turn. I think the tow trucks use this driveway. ...there were so many pot holes on it....but we took our time and it only took us a couple minutes to get off the highway. So i headed elsewhere.

I decided to take Captain to see the planes landing. That's his FAV....well one of..anyway. Let me tell you, we had a blast. It was so much fun. There were a few other families there. He enjoyed watching the planes "fly away" as he calls it. I love love watching the look on my babies face when he watches these planes. He is totally amused.

At the end of the day, it was all worth it. We got to spend quality time together and than went to eat.
We ended the day with "rock skipping."

What did you do today with your family?
Share with us.......

You don't need money to have a great time with your family / kids. I saved myself about $70 today. Just by going to see the planes fly awayyyy...Now that is what you call a perfect day :-)

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