Monday, May 30, 2011

What A day...What A day....

Oh my i feel so amazing.

First of all i must say, the word at church yesterday really got me. I went to sleep with my mind "at rest."

I woke up this morning, got Captain ready for school and planned it so that i would not be going to the gym.
I asked Keeno if he could drop Captain off for me since he wanted to borrow the car to go to the bank early this morning.
While he did that, i slept in a bit (i must admit) and when i got up i text my friend Jo and asked her if she wanted to go rollerblading. Of course she said yes. So at around 9:30am I got ready and headed out the door.

When i got to her house...she was ready to roll :-)))

We decided since we are not yet "pros" we would stay in the back streets (lol) and practise a bit...before we hit the main "roads." We actually did a pretty good job. We roller bladed for about an houre before she had to get ready for school. We chatted, laughed and discussed "life." I had an amazing time.

Above all, we got to get some "workout" into our day before it even started. I missed out on the gym today because i have been going a lot and wanted a break. I decided since i got my skates, i can get in some "work." Yes Jo and i are silly nerds. We got the exact same nerds and almost got the same matching outfits...but then we were like "ummmm NOOO" (lol)

Our next buy is DEF a bike.

Honestly my people, working out does not mean you have to stay in the gym. There are SO MANY other things you can do. Like skipping, running, rollerskating or blading, swimming, walking, sports (outdoors) and my FAV is def "browsing" which involves a lot of walking.

It is summer people, GET OUT THERE and work those calve muscles. The least muscle we work on lol.

I had such an amazing day....after that i went and hand washed my car all by myself :-)))) and than stopped at the liquor store for some coolers, came home and set up some new "treats" i picked out for the house.

What a life.....:-))))

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  1. You should do a ladies roller blading meet up Liz!
    i'd def join in, love roller blading!