Monday, May 2, 2011

Healthy Me Workshop

Healthy Me Workshop Saturday April 30 2011

What a day...what a day....

Without doubt, Colleen, Natasha and i all knew that God would see us through another workshop. There were moments where i doubted a bit. I don't know why....maybe it is the way I'm accustomed to thinking when I'm planning an event. It is the NORM for me. However, i should know better when it comes to UNIQUE. This is a program that has DEF be ordained by God in our lives. From the very start there has been nothing we have prayed for and have not seen. All we want as a group is to deliver love and compassion to Gods children. When the three of us get together, we don't even put much effort into planning our programs. It just flows. Hhmmm sound familiar. Remember once i said, "When God in in the midst of something, it will just flow."

This past Saturday, The Healthy Me Workshop was a great success. Many girls lives were touched and inspired. But above all, Natasha, Colleen and i were truly moved. We had such an amazing time interacting and even dancing with the girls. We laughed, conversed, ate and were truly in UNITY!
We had cute treat bags filled with treats that would leave the girls remembering the day. Like water bottles with our logos, stress balls, watches, health bars etc.
Rogers TV was there to capture the entire day.

Daniella rocked the house with her fitness dance moves and educated the girls on what exercises to do from the comfort of their own home. What not to eat and what to include in their diets. How much water to drink and when. Even us ladies got a few great "pointers"

We totally look forward to our upcoming Unique Camp Day which will include an outdoor barbecue and entertainment, vendors booth-spa & pedicures, massages and much more.
Saturday August 13 2011
12:00 PM-5:00PM
Central Public Recreation and Arts Centre
24 Alexander St.
(Main / Queen - Brampton)

Call 416-832-3909 or email to save your spot.

Come out and have a blast with other young women from all walks of life.
If you are interested in showing off some talent this day, please give us a call.

To all the mothers reading this blog, please encourage your daughters to come out to our workshops and events. Their future is in your hands! Make the best of it.

Please check out my "LIVE DEVA" YouTube page for videos

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