Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why Hire A Wedding Planner for South Asian Wedding..?

One of our very talented In-House Wedding Planners at Neha M. Chopra Trade Sensation Studios wrote this amazing article for our site.

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The Importance of hiring a Wedding Co-ordinator for South Asian weddingsSouth Asian Weddings are events of spectacular proportions. As South Asian weddings grow larger, longer and just more ornate, there is a growing need for wedding planners. Rich in detail and filled with unique customs, Indian Weddings are an experience like no other. Hiring a Wedding Planner can be a true blessing as it can relieve stress, save time and money for the Bridal couple and their families. Most brides-to-be are busy working women who have limited free time to spend on their wedding plans. It is at this time that a planner can step in and help take over some of the responsibilities.

As a first home buyer, would you buy a house without a Real Estate Agent? You probably would not because the agents know the market, the sellers and the houses that can best fit your budget, location and needs. In short the real estate agent can save you time, money and stress which are closely related to what a Wedding Planner can do. Do you still think Wedding Planners are unnecessary expense?

It is important to remember that your parents and bridal party deserve to enjoy your Wedding as much as you do. Let’s face it … when you describe your South Asian wedding to your co-workers they are usually in awe over the number of guests and all of the details. A typical Indian wedding can easily include 400-500 guests. Sure, you have plenty of family who can help you out with planning, but are all of them qualified to deal with last-minute problems? By delegating responsibilities to a professional, you remove the pressure, stress and panics. They help assist you in transforming your dream into a reality while staying within budget. Wedding Planners will ensure that on your big day everything and everyone will be in the right place at the right time.

Don’t forget that hiring a wedding planner can also save you money. Wedding planners have strong relationships with wedding vendors in your area and can often secure discounts on items you will need to purchase. By utilizing the list of vendors, the Wedding Planner can vouch for the service of those vendors and save you time as they would have the prices available as well or do some research for you and find the right vendor that fits your budget. You can benefit from their experience and connection with vendors. It is important to ask the planner if he or she has multiple vendors in each category. This will guarantee that you are receiving a variety of design and budget options from each category of vendors. Also find out if the planner will be open to working with vendors who are not on their list.

Wedding Planner’s or also commonly known as Bridal Consultants helps manage the mountain of paperwork, the endless emails, and perpetual phone calls; keep everything on budget and on time. When couples and families cannot agree on certain matter, planners are also there to iron out any conflicts and stresses. They keep abreast of the latest trends, can advise on costs, negotiate contracts and secure you the best deals ensuring great value.

At Trade Sensation Events we are an exquisite team of 7 Wedding Planners specializing in all different cultures and rituals. Our packages for Wedding planning can be customized and range from $1000- $3500. Our team philosophy stems from an understanding that we are here to help create an experience that should last a lifetime in the hearts and minds of you “Our Client”, and all of your guests.

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