Monday, May 9, 2011

What is Your Calling?

So many of us have no idea where we are going or what we want to do.

This was me a few years ago. Despite what i knew my "talents" were, i did not know how and where i would utilize them. I thought that whatever i loved to do, is what i would do at work. However, i could not find a job to apply to where i could use my "talent."

When i first started "D.e.v.a Event Planning Group" I knew i wanted to plan events and i also knew i had a passion for working with women and youth. I had been organizing events since i was in my early 20's and even earlier. As a young girl growing up when my mother and grandma were planning events at our house (my father was in the entertainment industry) I was right there by their side. In the kitchen and in the house decorating. I always had fascinating ideas and they welcomed them, so that made me feel special. Then as a young adult, i use to plan social gatherings. But private ones. For instance; private birthday parties, launch parties and private social gatherings. I have always been "pretty" good at it :-)))

When i started going to church at Prayer Palace and helping out with the ministry, this is where it was confirmed to me, that my calling was DEFINITELY event planning. However, not just "regular event planning" Like throwing parties and hosting events. I plan events with a special purpose. Like weddings, women's groups or pot lucks, youth events, community outreach, shelter events, and of course private functions. It was not long before i spoke with my ex and told him that i wanted to start an Event Planning Group focused on women. Months later I did it. Vanessa (a friend and former business partner) and i had a  launch "D.e.v.a Day" and we brought in over 200 women. It was a great success and since that day, i have not lost my vision or my calling!

Stay close to God in prayer and he will show you your calling and purpose.

What is it that you truly enjoy doing? What do you daydream about?

Before i started planning events (and still) I use to sit and day dream about working for a magazine publishing company. At times i visioned working for a fashion magazine, then a wedding magazine and at some point i even visioned starting my own magazine. This does not mean I will be working for one, it just tells me how much passion i have for fashion and event planning. You have to be able to look DEEPLY within your visions and see what God is showing you. If you love reading and writing, why not start writing a book? Eventually you can BECOME A WELL KNOWN and established AUTHOR. If you love doing your own make-up, why not become a professional make-up artist? Look, I'm not saying this will be your full time job NOW, but start it as a hobby for friends or family or on your free time and see what happens. The point is, you are doing something you love.

I even have a program that my friends Colleen, Natasha and i started called UNIQUE. We all share a deep passion for young girls and so we started this program...and we KNOW it was ordained by God. The three of us bring something UNIQUE to the table. From day one, it has been smooth sailing.

I have tried so many things and realized none of them were meant to be MINE! Just keep on going until you find it. I still work a 9-5pm for the city of mississauga. I won't be leaving that job until I'm secure enough and know that my kids will be OK.

I spoke with a friend yesterday morning; Tesha. The first thing she said to me after Happy Mother's Day was, "ohhhhhh my God Liz, you spoke over my life." I was like "huh" When she cut me off and said, "Liz a few months ago i told you i wanted to start a ministry and that i did not know what to do. I had approached my pastor but nothing had been done yet....i mentioned that i volunteered at a food bank and how good it made me feel and do you remember what you said to me?" It suddenly hit me. YESSSS of course i remember. I said, "Tesha ohhh my God that is your calling hun. That is your purpose... with Gods children and people. Your ministry does NOT have to start IN THE CHURCH. But it will be revealed to you by God. So be it in the church or at home, God will direct you. It came to me a few days ago. I saw you working with people. People in need and now you are telling me about this.....God wants you to start volunteering your time in shelters or communities and he will show you exactly what you need to be doing." B...I...N...G..O....
She then finished telling me the story about how she had this amazing conversation with the director and then spoke with her pastor and now they are starting the same ministry at the church. I mean what an amazing story. To God be the glory.

If you love working with youth or young people...maybe it is men, marriage counselling...whatever it is, do not wait for someone to come and tell you they have a job for you. GET UP and do something. It only takes prayer, and if you feel it is for sure what you know God wants from you and for you, DO IT!!!!

A bit of advice, DO NOT let the hard times make you QUIT! Never quit. Even if you have no money, there is always somewhere to start! Reach out to your community. They will help you.
Another thing, even if there is NO MONEY involved stay faithful/dedicated and God will see your heart!
Love, Liz

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