Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Buss'n It!

I'm BACK! lol

As some of you already know, i have spent the past 4 days moving. The move went amazing and totally productive. Keep in mind, i have not really slept much. I cancelled a lot of what i had to do in order to make sure it ALL GOT DONE. I'm not the type of woman who can sit there and take weeks to put everything in it's place. I'm a neat freak and very i have to see it in it's place right away.

The boys think I'm a crazy lunatic for being so picky and on the nose, but oh well. God willing, they will leave home one day with some of those traits (as i did with my parents)

Today was the first day in days that i actually left the house. Guess what i did?
I woke up with the intentions on taking a bus to do all my running i don't have to pay for transit since i work for transit. However, Captain and i took our sweet time getting ready and having breakfast and by the time i knew it, it was getting late. So i decided to take the car and park it at Captain's school and then do what i had to do from there.


I started off by going across the street to Bramalea Mall to check out their gym and also browse through the new section...but mainly because I'm looking for a new gym. One that is closer to what i need to do or closer to Captain's school. Well i found it, and got a membership. I can't wait to workout tomorrow morning.

Than i went JOB HUNTING. yes, that is right. I pay $20 a day on gas to and from work to mississauga. A day!!!! I figured since the weather is getting so nice, i can bus it to where i need to go. Taking a bus to Mississauga transit takes 2 hours and 15 minutes EACH way and costs me more than 500 a month JUST on gas. So i figured if i can find something walking distance from Captain's daycare, i will park the car for the summer. Look, i don't mind one bit getting on a bus. Whippy Doo! I'm not going to quit my Transit job, i will just go once or twice a week. YES i can do that. In case your wondering. Being that I'm part time, i can take 5 shifts a week or 1 shift a week. The beauty of working part time.
The wedding studio i work for is also one bus ride from the new house. So this is so ideal :-))))

So I'm excited to be buss'in it!!!! I will have all my writing stuff with me. My "current book"
Can you believe i got my entire business set up while taking a "bus"  a couple years ago?

People totally over exaggerate. Taking a bus is the only time you will ever have for yourself. While driving, your thinking NON-STOP and you are not relaxed at all.
If you have the option of taking a bus to work or school (or wherever) TAKE IT! Read a book, magazine, or just meditate/pray.

My favourite thing is to watch the city signs and people walking, running, rushing or just sitting around. I truly love the bus...and look forward to taking it.

Today, i feel so humble.

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  1. YOu know i have been thinking about doing the same thing. the bus gets me to work in an hour and the drive in my car is about 20 minutes. I pay and arm and a leg for gas and this needs to stop. I don't even walk anymore. I take my car even to the corner store which is about a 8 minute walk. I have gained about 10 pounds since i got my car because i eat on the go most days and dont go to the gym anymore.
    You have encouraged me to get up off my $$##% and get walking and on the bus.
    I have never met you or attended one of your events but i truly look forward to login on your page everyday to read your blogs. you are truly inspiring. I'm going to make some major changes in my life.
    P.S by the way, you are one strong woman. We have a mutual friend and she told me your "recent story" All i can say is i don't think i would have survived that. I have a very close relationship with God and go to church every week, but im just not cut for that. I'm so proud of you. You are a true example of a real WOMAN.