Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Organized Are You?

As i was going about my regular routine this morning at the gym, i could not help but notice a few things.
First, i just want to say, i try to be as organized as possible the night before. Meaning, i pack my gym bag, get my outfit for the next day pressed and ready, make sure my house is order and the boys have something to eat while I'm away at work, have my to-do list with me and ready to be checked off as i go along the day, pack my purse, bring which ever books and notes i will need, make a lunch (I try) a few other things and i never leave the house without making my bed (thanx to my parents). Making the bed before you leave the house makes me feel amazing when i get back into the house.

I tend to be very organized. I do try. When I'm not, i feel so "out of it" and impatient. I snap easier and I'm not happy. So being organized means a lot to me.

So anyhow, i noticed a few of the ladies were getting ready but one really sparked an interest in me. This one lady had all her "stuff" in separate bags. One for makeup, one for her shampoo and conditioner, one for her soaps, another for her shower slippers, another for her shower robe. She kept her outfit for the day hung on a hanger and pressed, ready to wear. I even noticed she had her matching weight gloves with her clean sneakers along with her gym gear. She had a blow dryer and an iron all packed in neat bags. I could not help but stare lol. Although I'm very neat and organized with my gym stuff, she was almost perfect at it.

What this showed me, even if it was not true, is that this lady is extremely organized and has her "stuff" together, outside of the gym. She carried this confidence that was so amusing to me. It is rare to see it today. I can usually tell if someone is not organized. I mean how do you feel when you walk in your house? Is everything out of place? Does it take you hours to find something? Are your files separated in alphabetical order? How do your cupboards look? Do you clean up before you have company, knowing it was not that way before they arrived? How do your children's rooms look? How about the kitchen and bathroom? Do you clean as you cook or tidy up as you make a mess? Is your closet organized?

These are all questions we really need to think about. If you feel you can do with some input or a helping hand, i dare you to put your life and skills to the test.

I invite you to attend this amazing conferance held by Colleen Blake Miller Counselling:

Woman of Worth
Saturday June 25 2011
CrossPoint 444 Steeles Ave w
9:30am- 5:00pm
Tickets $35 (early bird)

Come out and listen to professionals share their advice and input on how to live an organized and balanced life.

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