Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Bday Weekend- I turned 26 :-)))

I don't think I'm over my bday weekend yet. I mean i have been totally chilling since Sunday (my actual bday) but i can't stop thinking about it all. It was one of the best birthdays i have ever had.

Thursday, Captain had such an amazing soccer game. He played so well. He said it was for my bday
:-))) After that, we went to watch Zoo Keeper (since he went to the zoo with Keeno, my brother and his fiance and cousin Sophia)

Then, my Friday started off with my girlfriend Jo. Her and i went to drop off Captain with daddy and then went down to meet my friend Nicky at Thompson Hotel which by the way was stunning. She was there with her man from the states and family. She rented a room  there and had a RSVP for the rooftop patio which sat on the roof overlooking the beautiful city. What a sight. We hung out there for a few hours and had a couple drinks. It was amazing. Then my sister and her husband came down to the city to celebrate their friends dad's bday, so it was great. We went to meet them downstairs literally a 2 minute walk from the place we were at and we ate and chatted some more. It was such an amazing vibe and the weather was beautiful.

The next day, i made plans to get Captain in the evening so that he could spend the day with me and my family....but i grabbed my book (chapters) and pen and headed down by the water. Although it was the Caribbean festival (did i spell it right) i figured "why not" It was a great way to have some "me time" for my birthday.

Let me tell you how i got stuck in the traffic for about an hour and that alone gave me a headache. But i didn't allow it to ruin my plan. So i parked my car and walked one hour to the water, found a spot and began my writing. It was amazing. I have really got to do that more often. Then i got hungry so i walked towards the parade (about another hour) and grabbed some yummy oxtail with a coconut water....found another spot and ate my food and fell asleep for about 20 minutes on my towel. It felt amazing. After an hour or so, i went to get my captain at the basketball court with daddy. We went for ice cream and called it a day.

The next day my family came over and this was the highlight of my bday weekend. My brothers, nephew and niece, parents, sister and brother in law...Vanessa (keeno's girlfriend) and Kirk were all over having so much fun. We laughed, we cried (happy tears) we played and we were in no rush for the day to end.

My sister got the most beautiful cake made for me with a picture of us as kids on it. Captain and i made a wish and blew our candles together.  I cried when i saw it. Then she wrote me a letter that i had to read out loud and again i cried (lol)

My family ended up sleeping over. My big brother John went home because he said it was too hot and he need the AC (my AC was on lol) He loves it FREEZING! He had to crack a joke and lay on top of the AC vents before he left.....lol

I'm telling y'all there is nothing that feels as good as the love of family. Nothing. I have been there, done that and nothing can ever compare to that love. If i have nothing but i have my family, i have everything!!!
Growing up, i did not appreciate them.

We fought so much. But, we did not know any better. We were all too busy with "friends" and neglected one another so much. I mean it's in the past, but if you are a young woman or man reading this, DON'T make that mistake because i promise you, you WILL get to my age 36 :-))  and totally regret it. Hang onto your brothers, sisters and parents with all your love and heart...tell them you love them each moment you can....EMBRACE them. Be present. FORGIVE!

I love you all!

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  1. Happy B-lated Birthday Hun! i can feel the wonderful energy through your words ;-)
    Feliz CumpleaƱos hoy y siempre!