Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Is On Your Wall?

The strangest thing happened this week.....I have always been curious about people's walls in their houses and what type of pictures they have. Is it art? Pictures of their families? Kids? Friends? Or maybe nothing at all.

I believe that you can truly tell what matters to someone by looking at their pictures they have up. Now I'm not talking about Facebook "Wall" or anything of that matter...I'm talking your HOME! Growing up, my parents had so many pictures of us all over the house. Some were even blown up real big! In my house now, i only have family pictures and a very few friends (not many) My sister's house is covered in family pictures. I mean, on the fridge, walls, rooms, and probably in the bathroom (lol) I have a couple other friends that don't have any pictures of family up but they have tons of friends pictures. Hhhmmm kind of reminds me of when i was a young girl growing up on my own. No family pics just a bunch of friends. Why is that? Well you do the math. There is nothing wrong with art pictures. I have lot's of that too. But there is something about a home filled with family photos.

Today i challenge you to redecorate your walls at home. Take a good look at the pictures that are in there. Or maybe you don't have any up...well take a trip over to Wal Mart and develop some. The frames there are sooo cheap. Like between $5-$15

Surround your home with LOVE. You will amaze yourself by the feeling you get when you walk in or look at the walls. It's a beautiful feeling. Even make a collage, i have a big one at the top of my stairs. It's all people i adore (mostly family)

Go ahead, start today!

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