Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bonding Time!

This pic was taken at 8am Friday morning.....

This morning i was up nice and early for my sister who was coming over for about
7am...we had a clients house to clean and organize. This is a regular client who lives on 18 acres of land and i DEF know she is living OK!

Well we spent the entire day there cleaning and bonding. The most amazing thing about owning this company with my sister is that we get to see one another A LOT! We love it. We laughed soooo much today and it was so therapeutic. I mean, my sister has the ability to just crack me up and i would say there is about 2 other people that can do that, Tamara and Natalia! Just naturally crack me up. Most of us have friends who give us different things...well my sister makes my day but keeping a smile on my face.

After work, we went and grabbed Captain and brought him out to eat. When Captain sees "Dinga" which is what he calls my sister...(short form for godmother. She is also his godmother) he goes bonkers. He woke up so fast this morning when he heard her voice (so did i) and he was UPPP!!! (lol) The whole ride to school for him was a "treat" and she even got him a treat....On the way back home when we picked him up, they acted as if i was not in the car AT ALL. It was the two of them in their own little world. It soothes my heart when i watch them together, because i know (God FORBID) if something was to happen to me, she would take such good care of him. She speaks the way i do. She kisses him the way i do. She squeezes him the way i do. She laughs and plays the same silly little games as i do...when he looks at her, he sees me. I know this.

When we got home, she was suppose to drive back to her family, but instead she came in and did his puzzle with him two times...just like she told him she would this morning. She kept her word.

I'm telling you, all kids are smarter than we think. They don't forget a thing. Whatever you say to them today, will not be forgotten tomorrow.

Today is sunday morning and my familia is coming over for a barbeque. I'm so excited to see them. It's like an every Sunday thing now. Thank you Lord for the miracle you have created......i could never describe how this makes me feel. For those of you who don't know, look out for my book "If You Played In My Playground" coming out shortly. There, you will understand what we have been through :-))))


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