Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Feel Amazing-Sometimes!

Everyday is a beautiful day. Why? Because we are able to wake up! Every night before i lay my head to sleep, i thank God for the day and ask Him to keep me through the night "safely." Than i pray over my kids. When i wake up, i thank Him again...and ask Him to keep my kids and i throughout the day.

It is such a challenge to become what YOU want to become and not be what the world around you wants to be. Or what you think "they" want you to be. I struggle with believing that "I'm good enough" for ME! Much less for the world. I don't want to feel this way. Landmark Education helped me with this feeling but i think it's time for another Landmark course.

After dropping off Captain at school this morning, i drove one minute to Moksha Yoga. It's been a few weeks since i went and i miss it sooooo much. I did a 70 minute class and let me tall y'all, I FEEL AMAZING! I mean, i really do. I sweat like crazy, stretched my body in places that i have not stretched in weeks and i practised my breathing skills.
Did you know that your mental state is all in your breathing? Try it. Sit there right now and take 2 minutes to breath from your belly and than breath out. But the key is, think of NOTHING but your breathing. To start, you can close your eyes. It's magical...............okay keep going..................................SEE! when and if you are stressed or angry (any negative emotion) take 2 minutes to breath in and out and think of your breathing....

I have fallen off the gym and my physical activity a bit ( i do this from time to time in the summer). But when my brother Soni came over this weekend, we made a plan that he was going to train me for free (of course) once and maybe twice a week (depending on my schedule) He is a personal trainer at Extreme Fitness downtown so i figure i would drive down and get trained for free by my brother who is like the BEST trainer. We also agreed we would write up a daily plan for my "food intake" since i don't eat often enough throughout the day.

We all know what to do to feel good about ourselves. But, why don't we do it? Like seriously WHY?
It is so much harder to NOT take care of ourselves, yet we continue to do it. I'm done with that. It's time to stay steady!!!! I'm going to drink 2 to 3 litres of water again. Eat breakfast EVERY morning. Three meals a day. Do at least an hour of workout or some form of physical activity a day. Read every night. Write at least 20 minutes a day (in my book) and speak to God everyday despite how tired or "busy" i may be.

That is my plan to feel amazing again!

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