Monday, August 22, 2011

My Life Revolves Around Them!

I realized this weekend more than ever that i have nothing to complain about. Truly.

I have three beautiful boys that adore me and depend on me just as much as i depend on them. Keeno is my first love. Captain is the love of my life. Kirk (my foster son) completed our life. They are amazing boys and would do anything they could for me. As i would for them.

My weekend was beautiful. Thursday; Captain helped me cook Ackee & Saltfish with whole wheat boiled dumplings (i only ate one) He loves making dumplings and he is so good at it lol.

Our summer has been awesome. Friday- Captain and i went to the barbers before we went and spent a couple hours together. He needed a hair cut badly (lol). We went and had ice cream at our "private spot" while we waited for his barber to have an opening. Yeah, we ended up waiting 2 hours. But we enjoyed that time together. We went browsing downtown Brampton. They have a new spot there by the old theatre and even a Starbucks. Impressive. We had ice cream and after his hair cut we went walking by the Petting Zoo and then off to his dads.

I have been back in the gym and feeling AWESOME! I headed to my brothers gym "Extreme Fitness" and had an amazing workout. He is a personal trainer so i promised i would go see him every Friday. I'm glad i went. After that i met with my gurl Nicky for sushi. We had a great time. I stayed at her house for the night so that we could wake up and go to "boot camp" ohhhhh my gosh when i woke up, i could barely move. I thought i would not make it to the boot camp. But I'm glad i did :-))))

Saturday was a great day.

I was suppose to go to a kids bday party but i did not have Captain and did not want to go without him. So Keeno decided to take me out. We headed to Earles (his workplace) and met with Kirk and had a yummy dinner. We laughed and conversed about school etc.

After that Kirk had to work so Keeno and i headed to the theatres where we watched a VERY scary movie. I did NOT like it. At all. I can't even remember the name. But it  was so gross. It was the one where the group of young people all ended up dying because know it was awful. Don't even want to talk about it.

Keeno was laughing the whole time while i covered my eyes. I think I'm still dramatized (LOL). When we left the theatre it was pooring rain and we parked pretty far but my Keeno put his sweater over my head because my hair was semi blowed dried straight and we walked back to our car. It was a moment for me.

Sunday was a FAB day. Captain and i went to the CNE.

We had a blast. I mean a blast. We played games, went on rides, watched the magic show, went to the farm and we ate all the food we wanted. I was careful. My cheat treat was ice cream. Well $150 later we went for a walk by the beaches and than home.

I was present with my boys all weekend. With nothing on my mind but them. I saw a mother hit her son because he ACCIDENTALLY spilt his juice. Why do parents do that? It's an accident. It is not like the child said "ok i want to spill my juice" it's just crazy. We need to be patient with our children. Listen to them and speak to them the way we want them to speak to us. It's only fare! RIGHT???

Well, i must admit; i have had the best summer ever. It's all about my familia and kids this summer. I have never really taken a summer off just for them. I'm so glad i did this and i will continue to do it every summer. Put all "business" things on hold for my familia. Why work so hard and not play hard? I do not want to live to work. I want to work to LIVE!

Couple more weeks until my mom's birthday gathering at my sis Sue's house. We are all so excited.

Only a bit of summer left. Enjoy these days the best you could. Relax. Have some fun. Take your kids out. Play in the park with them. Swim with them. Go for walks. Take your time and look at the beautiful things God has created. Trees and clouds. Go apple picking (Captain loves it).

Life is so short. It really is. Don't let this time run out on you.

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