Friday, August 12, 2011

Ride' Em Babaaayyyy!

What a day!

Since last year, Captain and i have been enjoying some horse back riding. He loves it and i love the look of his face when he is riding. It's amazing because when i was younger, i loved horse riding.

When he knows we are going on the horses, he gets so excited. My little Captain.
He has two favourite horses at the ranch. There is "Peanut and Gyptian" I have attached two pictures of them.

I don't know what i would be doing or where i would be without Captain. He brings such joy to my life. My heart is filled with so much love when i look at him. He is amazing.
Keeno said to me the other day, "Mom Captain completed our life."

If there is two things i know FOR SURE without a i have been blessed with two of the most beautiful gifts in the world, MY SONS! They have saved my life, blessed my life and brought great joy to my brother John told me that i was "BORN TO BE A MOTHER."
I believe him :-)

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