Saturday, August 6, 2011

What "INSIDE" Your Purse Says About you!

Above is a picture of everything that was in my bag.
So there is, my notebook/planner, a few pens, my wallet, my business card holder, a lolly pop, hand cream, lip gloss, cuticle oil, my deva postcards, and a couple GUESS booklets.

As you and i both know, there are many women who carry bags or purses that NEED to be cleaned out. There is no going around that (lol)

I'm so observant and everywhere i go, i look at women's hand bags. Be it at a doctor's office, the mall or just walking around somewhere....Immediately i judge. I know i shouldn't but i can't help myself. I really can't. There are the ones that make me wanna go over and say "I'm an organizer and i can help you get your life...i mean purse together" and then there are the others that make me wanna run!!!! lol

What is suppose to be in your purse?
Okay, i don't mean the baby bag purse, i mean the one that contains your wallet etc.

I'm not going to tell what is "SUPPOSE" to be in there, instead i have attached a picture of what is in mine. Your necessities. That's it. If i were to get stuck somewhere, i think i would be ok.
Remember when your parents use to tell you to "wear clean underwear when you leave the house just in case something happens to you (as if we had on dirty ones lol) Well we need to apply that rule to our bag! Seriously!

Take a look at what is in your bag. Receipts, loose papers, jewelery, napkins, garbage, loose change etc GET RID OF IT ALL!

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