Monday, July 25, 2011

What A Life!

I had such an amazing weekend.

Yesterday was my house warming and it was such an phenominal day. My mother and step dad came and all the people i truly care about. We drank, ate and laughed. Broke a few glasses and Captain put on a dance show lol.

Today, i give God so much thanx for my family and friends. I have come such a far way in my life. All i ask God for is to make me the best i can be. I don't ever want to hurt people or make them angry for whatever reason. I just want to LOVE and be loved. Simple enough.

Keeno, Vanessa (his girlfriend) my brother Soni, his fiance and daughter Sophia all took Captain to the ZOO I'm home relaxing. Took me only an hour and a half to clean the house this morning. Now, I'm sitting here watching "The Kardashians" with my candles lit and smiling. I feel great.

The older i get the more i appreciate the simple things and people.

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