Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Costs So Much To Be Here!

As i was driving home today, i thought to myself, "wow it costs to live."
I mean literally.

We can't even be a bum or homeless and not have bills or eat. There is no way we can possibly live on this earth without paying bills or spending money. The moment i wake up, i got bills on my mind (most of the time) Be it gas for the car, hydro, enbridge, the house, groceries, cell phone, cable, Internet, Captain's expenses, insurance; car, life and business insurance, Captains savings, my savings and believe me this list goes on. Whether you have a 2 income house hold or split-it doesn't matter. LIFE COSTS!

Why does it have to be this way? I mean why do we have to pay to breath?

Imagine the world, if it was free!!!!!!
There would be no war, no violence and no corruption and A LOT MORE happy marriages and families.

Everything is about money. ..and if it is like that now, mothers and fathers, you better be saving for your children to live and get their education. Thank God it was the first thing Captain's daddy and i did the second he came home from the hospital. Literally the next day. I don't know how much he has (his dad does all that) but I'm sure he will be okay for school.

If there is one thing i suggest you do TODAY, is call for life insurance. It does not matter how old you are GET IT!!!! If i have nothing, but i have life insurance for my kids, bills are paid and there is food in the fridge, I'm good! The kids are good and it's all good.

There is def another world out there where you live for free, but it depends on what you do here!

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