Monday, July 4, 2011

A Heart That Loves PT 7 & 8

There is a part one and a part two to these chapters. At first i was going to skip them.....but i believe God wanted me to read them so that i can pass on some very valuable lessons to you ladies.

What does it mean to love your husband/Partner?
I thought i knew it all. Maybe i knew most things.... but not ALL!

When the bible says to choose your husband over all other human relationships..including your children....i seriously questioned it at times. I mean, it just did not make sense to me. BUT, today i know it is the truth. Our children may never understand this.....but one day they will.

I'm just going to write down some principles Elizabeth shares in her book.

1. Pray for him daily.

2. Plan for him daily.

3. Prepare for him daily.

4. Please him.

5. Protect your time with him.

6. Physically love him.

7. Praise him.

8. Pray always.

These are the foundations of true love. They will make your bond much stronger. A heart that loves is a heart that plans. So put your thinking cap on, and go ahead and PLAN!

Love, Liz

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