Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So Much Love!

I spent a day with my niece and nephew and sister. We swam and had a blast!

When i went home that evening, i thanked God (literally) for my nieces and nephews. I value my time spent with them and really look forward to seeing so much more of them in the future.

When i was younger, nothing mattered much to me. As i got older, my family was and is everything to me. We don't have a very long time here on earth. So the time we do have here, must be used wisely.

If there is ONE thing I'm sooo thankful for, is how close the kids all are. The cousins. They love and adore each other so much and it makes me feel so blessed.

Today, think of your family and what you can do better to make everyone happy. Do you see your cousins? Do the kids spend quality time together? Do you have "outings" or simply dinners or potlucks? Do you take your nieces or nephews for a couple nights? Maybe beach days.....or walks....all of these things make a huge difference.

If you have been thinking about these things, than put your thoughts into action.
Go ahead. Before it is too late.

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