Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time for Change!

Life will always bring us through turns and changes. Ones that will surprise us and ones that will enlighten us. But despite what change occurs, CHANGE is good!

We are so accustomed to routine and when there is a switch in that routine, we are not happy. We argue, we fuss, we curse and we do what we can to prevent the changes. Why? Why do we do this? I have learned to stop fighting CHANGE. When God is telling me something, i need to pay attention. I use to question things? Why? How? So on....but now i just remain focused and as soon as i feel like i want to question something, i take it to God. Because i know He is there for me and will not make anything happen that is not MEANT TO BE. For instance, if I'm in need of a new job and i don't get it, that is because it was not meant to be mine. Now there are things that are totally out of control; like when a spouse cheats or when a friend betrays you. God did not do that. But i promise you HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH!!!

God sees the heart.

I have been craving change lately. Change of living. I have been trying new things and taking on new tasks. I have also made plans to move, and i will be moving May 15. I have made changes with my family (for the better) I have made changes at the wedding studio. I use to go in when i had too and now I'm there faithfully three times a week. My whole schedule has changed and i feel so good about it. I feel lighter.

When change is about to occur in your life or is occurring, roll with the punches. Take a step back and relax. Breath. Think and above all PRAY! There are small blessings in everything. Pay attention. You may miss something if you don't. If you get fired or laid off, use the time to study or focus on what your dreams are. If you loose a friend, think of a person you have been neglecting that is always there for you. Love him/her deeper. There is good in everything and everyone.

Prepare yourself for change because change is GOOD!

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