Friday, April 22, 2011

My Early Morning Fix!

It is early in the morning and I'm up making a dish for my sisters family dinner gathering today. I'm so anxious to go and wake up Keeno to get my morning fix; coffee.

During my stay in Punta Cana, i barely drank coffee. Actually if i had a cup, it was a tiny tea cup and i don't ever remember finishing the entire coffee. I had zero cravings for it but i enjoyed a cup while I was writing every morning.

Here, the second i wake up, i want MY COFFEE! Get out of my way if i don't have it (lol)
I always had a feeling it was all in my own mind/head but i really got this when i went away. Here at home I crave things like chocolate, chips now and then...etc But while I was there I craved fruits, soup and healthy foods. It is so amazing what this climate and country does to you/me. I mean why do we crave these things here? Is it the weather? The atmosphere? I don't get this.

I really do wish we had nice weather all year around. There are however the benefits to not having it. We don't have tornadoes, major storms etc. Not yet anyway.

Ok about 20 more minutes before Keeno wakes up for work and gets my morning fix. For now.

What is you early morning fix?

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