Thursday, April 28, 2011

She Is My Sister!

Have you ever had a friend who was more like a sister? Or perhaps wished she was your sister? I have had a couple in my life. Not many. I call them "soul sisters or sisters in Christ" Now they are very hard to come by and if you have one or two or three, consider yourself very lucky. My friends all play different roles in my life and none of them have anything in common with each other. I can count on one hand how many of these ladies i have in my circle. I don't by the way have ONE friend i speak to on a daily basis. The only people i speak to everyday are my kids and the closest to that would be my friend Snoopy. We have always been like that.

However i have a friend, a dear friend who i do consider "my sister in Christ" I don't call anyone else by that name. Why? Because for me to consider a woman a true woman of God is rare. I have seen so much and i also know what the Proverbs Woman is like. So when i call a woman "A woman of God" I'm comparing her to Christ. Now that is hard to do. I have met about three women that i can say that about. But there is one that from the moment i met her, she has been "my other voice." The voice that reminds me of how much God loves me. The voice that tells me how beautiful He says Elizabeth is. The voice that shuts me up in a gentle way when I'm about to do something crazy. The voice that shares with me in moments of darkness. The voice that i crave to hear when i want to cry. The voice that will share a scripture in a time of need. The voice that i highly admire and look up too. The voice that i want (in a good way) She is a strong, hard working mother and wife. She wears many hats and like myself, never seems tired. She is wise and knows right from wrong. Period. However she is slow to judge. She reminds me "that we must leave people to god and watch how it all plans out.....that God will always see you through trials...and is not the one who makes people do what they do....that God gives us the power of choice...and when people make the wrong choices....they will have to answer to Him" She reminds me of how much i have accomplished and what i have survived when thousands would have been dead or lost their minds. When i want to share something sacred or private, i call her. Because i know what she will tell me is BEST for me.

Last night at about 1am, she was the "voice" i needed. She always allows me to speak first and than she gives me what i need. There is something so humbling about this woman's voice. She speaks the way i imagine Christ would speak. She tells me to "walk with a gentle spirit. Kill people with kindness Liz."
Sometimes i just need to hear those words. I have always been the "mother" to everyone around me but at times i need a mother too.

I can't call everyone or the friends i have when i want to complain or cry or yell...because i don't have that kind of bond with everyone. Mind you I LOVE MY FRIENDS and SISTERS!!!! But it's just the way it is. Period. I do share with my friends as we share with one another but i have grown mature enough to know that you can't do this with just can't.

I truly LOVE my sister in Christ "Colleen Miller" I thank God for her everyday. I pray that as long as i live we will continue to be close and support each other in all our adventures. I pray that God will bless UNIQUE (Our Program) and continue to use the three of us mightily (Natasha, myself and Colleen)
We are of LIKE MINDS and i pray that we will always be. We KNOW without a doubt that God is in the midst of UNIQUE!

Today, I'm so grateful for my friends and sisters. I will always try to be the best that i can be for my family, friends and sisters. I have also realized that not everyone will be there for you. That's ok.. Keep walking.

Remember, people come into our lives for a reason and a season...embrace the lessons in both.

"A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother"
Proverbs 18:24

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liz!!!
    You are so sweeet!!! Too sweet girl!!
    We most definately ARE sister's in Christ... women of 'like minds' and as we grow and mature we WILL continue to be iron for each other as you sharpen me... I sharpen you!!!

    I agree!!! Thank God for sister in Christ!!!
    Love you girl!!!!