Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Break Yourself Out!

Have you ever felt like you were being held hostage by a thought or an action you have taken or are taking? Maybe you are unable to move forward because of these thoughts and fears.
Well, you are not alone. We have all felt this pain and fear at one point or another.

It could be the pain or forgiveness, fear, or feeling locked up in an all white room with four white walls and a room that is just a bit bigger than a box. We consume our minds with so much lies, junk, our past, thoughts of negative things and with being afraid to be authentic and real. We are afraid to show people our REAL selves. Our families and children barely know the real "us"
They know what we want them to know and see.

Do we even think we know "others"
We don't! We know what they want us to know. Even our small children learn to play tricks on us (in an innocent manner of course) But before it's too long they master these tricks....just like we learned to do.

What if we were to break out! What if we were to let it all go and just BE! Imagine our lives if we just didn't  care to pretend anymore and started living in realness? What if we stopped telling little yellow lies? Or if we just stopped pretending to like people that we don't like. Maybe we can just not speak to them....or wait why do we even dislike people at all? Come on, if you are anything like me, we judge people before they even open up their mouths. Why do we do this? Why do we start writing a book by coming up with the title first?

You may be thinking (just like i did at one point) "What is the point of me trying to make a difference? There are billions out there who are living as prisoners in their own homes so why should i try and make a difference?" Stop thinking about how your neighbour is living or how the world around you is functioning....START WITH YOU! Your home. Your community and your children.

We are our own PRISONERS!!!! Free yourself!!!! Today!!!

Whether you have 30 years left to live, 60 or 2....make a change today. Let's stop all this war. The war we play with ourselves! We are our own prisoners! It's time.

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