Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Time Away!

As many of you know i was away with my son Keeno and my foster son Kirk. We stayed in Punta Cana at The Grand Paradise. I totally enjoyed my time there and there was plenty to do throughout the day. The boys enjoyed themselves more, as they were out and about all day and evening. I was in bed by 9..9:30pm every night (almost) The boys say i was a "Party Pooper" My answer to that was, "yeah i was once young like you guys"

We spent our days relaxing on the beach, walking, laughing and a bit of site seeing. Ohh let me not forget to mention our massages at the spa on the beach. I was so relaxed that i fell asleep half way through it. Kirk had drool on his mouth when he got up from the bed lol (joking)

Five mornings out of the seven, i woke up around 6am, had breakfast and then wrote for about half hour to an hour. My goal was to complete my book while i was away. I got nowhere near completing it. I wrote two chapters and that was it. Although two chapters does not seem like a lot of writing. It is. But i could have written a lot more. However, I'm more determined now than ever to get this book finished.

I will honestly say that out of all the trips i have ever been on, this was the most relaxed i have ever been. I had a good time doing nothing most days. I stayed away from "carbs" so i came back at the same weight i left. I had a few drinks which probably replaced my carbs (rice, potatoes, breads and fried foods) Although i do not eat much carbs anyway. I thought for sure the boys and i would gain weight as we were constantly eating, but they did not gain any either. Maybe it was all the walking we did.

The boys and i had quality time to bond and chat about "life" Not having Captain (my three year old) around was a bonus for them because all my time was focused on making them happy. The boys and i discussed how simple the locals live. The small things they valued were so amazing to see. We spoke about how materialistic we have all become living in North America. How healthy they ate and something as simple as a chocolate bar they viewed as a "treat" One they did not desire much.
I ran on the beach most mornings but the last couple i walked with an amazing young lady i met there with her partner. We met them the last few days of our trip. Up until that point i was alone with the boys. We walked and chatted which was great. If there is one thing i know now is; if i lived in a hot climate i would be super FIT! We barely saw anyone who was over weight (locals) The people in Punta Cana walk everyday all day. It totally amazed us.

Now more than ever, I'm focused on my famila and what i love doing. I love Event Planning...and that is what i will stay true too. If i could quit my job at the city and focus on events and weddings, i would. I will keep praying for that day to come. I love writing and that is what i will do everyday for at least twenty minutes a day. I love my close friends and realize that this life is nothing without family. All the time we spend on waisted stuff, we should be applying to our loved ones. One day, we will all be gone. Some sooner than others. But if there is one thing life gaurantees is that we will all DIE. I hate to put it this way, but it is true. So I'm going to value my time as much as i can. I will not rush. I will not get impatient with my kids , family or friends. I will not make big deals out of small deals (lol) I will be authentic and real. Humble and happy.

From this day forth, i will go on one "do nothing" vacation a year. It will be with my family and never again without my Captain. My goal is to go to a different part of the world each year. I'm encouraging the boys to travel together and enjoy their life. They were truly inspired by all the young people travelling as friends or in groups. University and College students all over the place. Thank God my boys are good boys (if you know what i mean)

You have been thinking about a vacation for go ahead and book a trip somewhere. You can't afford it? Yes you can. Take 6 months to pay it off. Treat yourself and your family. You deserve it. Go ahead. Let me know how it goes.

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