Monday, April 25, 2011

My Weekend!

It was Easter weekend this past weekend and i had such an amazing time with my family. It breaks my heart at times when i think of how much i neglected them for awhile after i got married. I don't like to think about it too much, because it makes me sad, but sometimes it is good to be reminded of how much i love them and would never ever do something so foolish again.

Your family knows best. I promise you that.

I split my time between my sister's house and then my mommies house. I slept at sis house on the Friday and came home with sever stomach pains on the Saturday. I was confused if it was the stomach flu or the food. We had fish and shrimp. I spent the Saturday in bed- all day. Yesterday i went to moms and was so scared to eat because i knew it would come back out lol. But I'm glad i went. Mommie took good care of me :-)

I spent the weekend being present with each and every individual. My brothers, sister, mom, in laws and the kids. We ate. We laughed. We drank. We watched movies and told stories.We went to bed after 3am     We were happy!

At the end of it all, familia is all we have. Do you ever think of all the time "we" spend on people on the outside...friends that don't matter and than we totally neglect the ones that matter? Our families. Why do most of us leave them on the back burner for a rainy day or for a time when we most need them? We have one life to live and we all know this, yet we just don't get it. The older i get, the more i realize that the same energy i spent almost my whole life on people that did not matter, is the same energy i could have put towards my familia. We may think we know them, but do you really know your brother, sister, mother or father? Do you know their pain or struggles? OK so they hurt what...what part did you play? I know i played a huge part in my families pain. But we got through it. Communication is key. Talk, share and be open. Be vulnerable and you will see how magical it can be.

My kids have to know that family is FIRST! Despite where life takes them, i want them to grow with family morals. I'm determined....because when all else fails them, they will have their family. Whether they have the best job in the world or just a regular job, whether they have all the money in the world or just enough to get by....they will always have their families. I want them to have family dinners. I want their kids to be best friends with their cousins (that is how our kids are now)

We set the standards for our kids. We have the choice to be close with our families. Let's make sure we make an effort to do the best we can. The past is the past... besides it's all apart of your story. Your survival STORY!

If there is a family member that you have not spoken too in awhile or one that you owe an apology too (whether you did something or not) call her/him today!!!! Make amends.

Love one another. Respect one another. Be at peace. We will not be here forever. Live a life of happiness with one another TODAY!

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