Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who is UNIQUE???

First of all....YOU ARE!!!!!! (wink wink)

Unique is an uplifting and empowering program. It is focused on encouraging young women to believe in themselves, appreciate their uniqueness, and supports them as strive to reach their full potential.

Natasha Morris, Colleen Blake-Miller and Elizabeth Correia created this program out of their desire to inspire young women to acknowledge and embrace their gifts and build them up to be tomorrow's leaders.

These women believe in the importance of supportive communities and the positive development of young people. Considering the negative messages within the mainstream
media it is important that young people be reminded of their true worth and value, outside of what they can acquire, or how they look.

Workshops & Groups

Workshop Sessions Include:

• Who Am I

• Connecting with Confidence

• First and Lasting Impressions

• Impressions Influenced by Image

Six week Group Chapter’s cover:

• Understanding All of me

• I am Worth it

• Living ‘Drama Free’

• Recognizing All my Giftings

• Celebrating the Big and the Small

• Appreciating the D.E.V.A. in me

Look out for our HEALTHY ME workshop Saturday April 30 at Snelgrove Community Centre (brampton)
This workshop will focus on the inner and outer beauty!Topics:

Healthy Inside & Out
My Emotions vs ME!
Fashion and Image

You don't want to miss this. Reserve your tickets today by emailing us at:

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