Monday, March 21, 2011

When Ladies Get Together....

So i had my D.e.v.a Ladies Potluck yesterday and i was very happy with the turn out. Although my "friends" did not show up...hey i usually never ever mix my D.e.v.a Ladies group with my personal friends anyway. The two just don't mix. I had an event once where i had both my personal friends and my D.e.v.a Ladies (from attend and my attention was focused on "my friends" So i decided shortly after that i would keep the two separated. So far, so good. It just wasn't meant to be yesterday.

However, the mood was amazing. Moments after i arrived, i realized i forgot my stereo so i was a bit nervous about not having music. Then the parking problems started. I was told my guests could park across the street but that was a whole other story lol. Anyhow, we figured it all out and it turned out FANTASTIC! The room was stunning.

At first i could tell there was a bit of tension in the room as most of the ladies did not know one another. I knew a few of them but with over 100 members in my D.e.v.a Group, it is hard to always meet and see the same ladies over and over. But there are the faithful ones. Within the first hour we all relaxed and started chatting up a storm. There was barely a  moment of silence. We had women from all walks of life  and nationalities and in my eyes, they are all beautiful. We discussed so many different topics; children, relationships, food, health, meetup RSVP'S (lol) pursuing our dreams, foster care etc. All in all, i was away from my family and around wonderful ladies who all had something to share in their way. It was well worth the time spent away from the kids on a Sunday afternoon :-)) Normally i would NEVER dare spend that time away.

Yesterday was an eye opener for me. I realized that "when ladies get together" it can be the most amazing thing....We are all such UNIQUE women with so much to offer and our own STORY. We are no better than one another. We are ONE!

My son Keeno dropped me off and i was going to call him to pick me back up after the event, but one of the ladies "Kanwal" lives only moments away from me so i got a ride with her. We shared stories and i even got an amazing deal on photography. She loves taking photos and hopes one day to start her own business "at home" and offered to take pictures for free at any events i had coming up. I was amazed by her offer and took her up on it. We also arranged to do a shoot with the kids in May. I told her about my makeup stylist Nicole Stilleto and that i would let Nicole know so we can pick a perfect date for all of us. She was excited and so was i. If i had never taken that ride, i would never know so much about her. Glad i did.

So ladies, if you know a few women and love entertaining, go ahead and throw a potluck. Give yourself a break and relax your mind.

Our next event will be "Dim Sum at Tremendous" Yiiipppy!!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry i missed this Lizzy!