Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is Your In-House DJ Charging Too Much?

Are you confused with trying to decide on whether you should book an in house DJ or hire your own? Well you are NOT alone.

Most Venues will offer you their in house DJ but they do it very discreetly. You will think (because most of you have never done it before) "Ok i will take the DJ too" Moments after the wedding starts, you realize the DJ is just not that great and wish you could have hired another DJ! However, it's too late. So you go with the flow and enjoy the night.

Well here is the news! You do NOT have to ever hire the IN HOUSE DJ! It is your choice who to hire. You can bring in your brother, sister, mother...(try not too lol) whoever you wish to be the DJ! Most IN HOUSE DJ's are lazy and do not put in the enthusiasm that an outside DJ would. Why? Because they are guaranteed the money. The hall does all the work for them and they basically show up. Trust me, i have seen my share of this over and over. Hiring a DJ is almost as important as hiring an amazing photographer. You do not want to make a mistake. Why? Because you will not get that night back.

Looking for a great DJ check out Super Stars or call 905-850-3535 These guys have been serving the GTA for over 20 years.

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