Friday, March 18, 2011

Something To Think About!

I had a wonderful day yesterday. It was my day off and Naty (one of my bff. I only have a couple) and i decided to take Captain to a March Break Kid's Event at Woodbine Mall. Wow ...I'm not kidding you, there were hundreds of kids there. It was crazy, but very exciting, and we all had fun. When i got home last night, so many things crossed my mind. After cooking dinner and eating, bathing Captain, reading and then laying down with him, there was one particular thing that kept crossing my mind. As i walked to the bathroom while Naty took Captain to the jungle gym, i saw an older lady sitting on a bench with her granddaughter; reading. These two ladies totally amused me. I mean if you look below carefully, you will see how comfortable the older lady looks and how focused they are on their books. Hundreds of people were walking by and they did not seem to care, one bit. I stopped and stared for a few seconds and then decided to take a picture. I thought "Wow this is amazing. Her grandma must be her her (in a way) Look at the example she is seeing at such a young age" You may be thinking "What is the big deal?" Well i will tell you....

It is March break and there are a thousand kids running around...not to mention a carnival seconds away. Face painting. Games and all kinds of this young girl is with her grandma and and their small collection of books on the bench focused on their books. Nothing else mattered and they didn't  even notice me taking the picture. This gave me something to go home and think about.

Whatever our children see us doing, is what they will copy!

I'm an avid reader. I read almost every single night. I have been since childhood. If i wrote as much as i read, i would have already published a few books :-)

I hope and pray that Captain also picks up this habit. So far, so good. I know when Keeno was a young boy, he read everyday and loved it (Not anymore) But i do believe this makes a huge difference in their lives. I pray everyday that God gives me the strength ( I can't do it on my own) to be the best i can be for my children. There are certain things i will NOT do in their presence. I will not bring friends to my home, unless they are in my life for LIFE. I don't smoke nor will i allow it infront of Captain. I don't sware nor will i allow it infront of Captain. I don't and will never bring men home to my kids (Did that once years ago with Keeno. Never again) I believe unless you are planning to get married to someone, a mother or father should keep their business outside the house. Whatever it is i don't want to see my children doing, is what i will not do or allow in their presence. Period.

I have been asked so many times, "Liz, what did you do with Keeno? How come he is such an amazing boy?" The secret is above! I did not do much. It was what i did not do that made the differnce.

Above all, do your children really believe that you LOVE GOD? Can they see this in the way you live your daily life? Do they fear God? I make sure i instill the fear of God in my boys hearts. If they have that, everything else shall flow.

What is the example you are setting for your children? Are you a smoker? A heavy drinker? A party animal? A liar? Do you have too many friends in and out of their lives? Or partners in and out of the house? Are you a Believer? Do you talk about God?
What are you spending your time at home doing?
If your child was asked "What does mommy/daddy do when she is home?" WHAT WOULD BE THE ANSWER??

I'm not asking you to answer to ME...just answer inside your head. Maybe this will give YOU something to think about!

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