Monday, March 7, 2011

All The Single Ladies!

"All the single ladies....all the single ladies...." I'm sure we all remember that song. Well, as this month i will be focusing on conducting interviews with single women along with single mothers, that song has been ringing in my ears.

When we say "single ladies, mother or woman" What exactly are we saying? Are you a single mother by choice? Has the father walked out on you? Or have you walked out on him? Did you adopt alone? Are you a widow? Did you conceive on your own? (if you know what i mean)

So if you’re a single parent by choice, or circumstance, I believe there is almost always reason to celebrate what we can do. Enjoy when praise you for what you do and at your success in pulling it all together. Buy yourself treats and gifts after shoveling the driveway, or make yourself dinner for one! Write sweet notes to remind yourself of how wonderful you are. Take great joy in your ability to do what some partnered people can barely pull off together. I know many of you are like super woman and wonder woman put together.

It’s not easy, but one thing I have learned to do is remind my children how proud i am of US as a family! And, believe me, they will learn to play right along “Way to go Mom!” You will often hear, "Mom you never sleep and your always going going going..." Learn to love these words.

We do so much on our own, that it becomes so hard to accept help from others. Be it man or woman.

We are pretty handy with tools, we can shovel a mountain of snow early in the mornings in the same time a man or dad can do it. We can get dirty running around in the field with the boys or girls. We can throw a ball or two. We can talk sports, if need be. We can watch a few movies back to back with the kids. These are all reasons i LOVE being a single mother. Not because I have a crazy chip saying I can conquer the world (ummm partially true lol) but because there is so much satisfaction in problem solving and organizing. I have been independent my whole life and i totally recognize another woman/mother who is as well.

Although i may not be a single mother now to my 3 year old, i was with my 18 year old and know the feeling. I chose to be a single mother for him because i had to keep him safe and away from corruption. Today, i thank God i did. My teenage son is the ideal son a mother prays for. There are all those teen issues that i never had to go through and to God I'm so thankful. He is humble, kind, a LEADER, simple and above all he loves God and knows that without God, we would not have made it. I have travelled with Keeno quite a few times in the past but this April, i will be taking him to DR for a "Thank You" trip. Thank you for what? "For loving and appreciating me! For being an amazing brother and always never saying NO. lol"

If you are a single mother and have faced some trials and tribulations or you just simply have a story, please email me at

Please look out for Trinia Lewis's story this week. She is a strong, smart and funny woman. Not only have i had the privilege to know her my whole life (literally) but i have also interviewed her on Her Story!

If you are a single woman and loving life, email me Your Story!

I will also be interviewing women who are wives, entrepreneurs and wear many hats....all at the same time.

I will be sharing my story this coming Tues March 8 at The International Women's Day. Something I will be proud to do.

Love Lizzy

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