Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slow Dance!

Yesterday morning i attended my HAPPINESS PROJECT meeting with my group in Oakville. This was a group that was formed on The host started the group in hopes of 10 strong members and then her plans (which she has done) was to cancel the group. Within a full day, there was over 40 members that signed up. Luckily i made the top 10 :-)) I believe i was like the second or maybe third to sign up.

Most of you all know how i LOVE this book Happiness Project and how devastated i would have been if i did not make the top 10 lol.

Alll our group members are awesome people. 9 women with the exception of one man. He is a singer/producer/musician. Yesterday was our second meeting (we meet once a month on a Tuesday) He is so patient and just sits and listens to all of us ladies (lol) Sometimes it looks like he is saying to himself (of course) "What have i gotten myself into" LOL

When it was time for him to speak yesterday, early on in the meeting, he asked if he could play a song he produced for us. Of course we were delighted. The group usually meets for 2 hours, 10am-12pm. My sister called at 12pm (we were still in the session) and told me she was coming to visit and was already on her way. So i had to leave right away. As i excused myself, my dear friend asked if i could stay another moment as he plays his song for us. Of course i said "yes yes"

I had no idea that he really meant "PLAY" He asked politely if he could use Kaja's piano, and humbly sat on the seat to get ready for his act.
"The name of the song is Slow Dance. It was a poem i got in an email written by a young 9 year old girl who was dying of cancer" He explained to us.

As he played, we listened. I sat in a bit closer to hear the lyrics and ohhhh my Gosh the next thing i knew, i was crying. Like i tried so hard not too but i could not help it. The words were beautiful. This young girl wrote about "Why do we rush. Why do we run when we can walk there....every time we rush we miss the beauty of it all......" But let me tell you, the words were BEAUTIFUL!

From this day forth, i will SLOW DANCE!

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