Sunday, January 23, 2011

You Have A Voice

princess"Life is based on language" said a friend of mind on conference call this morning.
Wow, i thought.... that really resonated with me.

The general language is "fear or guilt"
But, having "Integrity" gives you a voice! It is all we have. It is what makes or breaks us in anything we do in life.

If you are living with Integrity and you feel the people around you are not, maybe there is something your just not getting. But i assure you, if you try to communicate with him/her in an OPEN way...things will change.

Many, if not most people really never "get- gotten" What does this mean? Well they go their whole lives feeling like no one truly understands them or even listens when they speak. So what do they do? They scream, they nag, complain, blame or simply say nothing. They are the ones that sit in a room and don't say much. Sometimes; it is because they feel they have nothing to say.

Getting connected with another person is so powerful. I mean, its like nothing i have ever experienced in my life.

I currently lead a group of 6 people (including myself) as apart of the Landmark seminar I'm doing, and the way we have all become so authentic and real is beyond what any words here could express here. Things have come out of these "chats" you would not believe. As my dear friend Cystine would call it "skeletons in our closets"
So why are we able to communicate on this "real" level with a powerful voice? Because we have all come to the table in a "vulnerable" manner. We are not judging nor do we care too.

We all play a character in life. It's crazy when i had to dig deep to find what character i was playing. For a whole week i chose Jennifer Lopez (yeah ok laugh lol) Only because i love her so much and wants to be like i did not choose her for the right reasons. But the character you play is the person who you think you are but are not. For instance if you are always trying to please people, think of a movie star or a role someone you know plays, and that is who your character is. I started thinking of Wonder Woman and then that changed too. I ended up choosing Mary Poppins. For the obvious reasons. For those of you who know a bit about her, you know.

My Landmark leader challenged us to get to know what our "Souls Purpose" is and why we are here. To truly look deep within ourselves withing the next couple months and discover our purpose. I don't think i have ever really had to do this.

Our character has no interest in finding what our souls purpose is. It's existence is only interested in SURVIVAL!
Our character is an aspect of who we are. NOT who we are.

The quicker we get in touch with our souls purpose is the quicker we will be at our steering wheels.

The conflict in our lives is between our character and our souls purpose. Everything we go up against; it's our character trying to stay in control.

I challenge you to discover who that "character is" that you have been playing and get in tune with WHY you do what you do.

For me, i always wanted to please people and often neglected my needs or desires. Why? Because on the forefront i was "needing so much" so i did these things to fill that void. A void-for many years i did not know i had. I also used that character to act like everything was always OK but inside i was hurting. I did this because i built this "tool" as a child growing up at home. At home, it was a mess. But on the streets with my friends, i was the happiest girl alive. So i grew up knowing how to master this.

Today, I'm up against this character and I'm letting her know that i HAVE A VOICE!

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