Friday, January 7, 2011

Complete 2010

Ok your probably wondering what this title really means?

Wel,l my Landmark Seminar leader asked me "Liz, what is incomplete with 2010? What would you like to complete for last year that you would not want to carry on for 2011?"
Now, at first it took me a moment to really think about the question.......

I finally realized what he was asking and felt i was complete with everything. Now if he had asked me this months ago BEFORE the course, i would have named about 5 things. However as apart of the forum, my homework was to complete everything that was not complete and i did so. There had been a transformation in my life from the moment i registered for the forum but the real work started while IN the forum.

I named out a few things to him and told him how i got complete with it all and he was amazed and asked me how i was going to celebrate. I was like "huh?" lol So he explained and again, i GOT IT lol.
He advised me to think of a way i can celebrate and make sure it happens. he gave a few examples; take myself out to a spa, get together with family or friends etc

I'm choosing today to celebrate by "Booking My Mission Trip" It is a treat to myself and family for what i have overcome and made complete for 2010.

Now i have an excuse to take this trip and it has got to be done. There will be no "holding me back" on this one. My son is excited, I'm excited and the girls are totally excited. This is fab.

So i challenge you to think of something that may incomplete for 2010 that you REFUSE to bring into 2011 and give it a shot.

You have not forgiven someone (do so verbally or by letter)
You owe somebody money and need to pay them
You have been treating your mother or father badly
There is a friend you have been fighting with or no longer speak too (you need to make peace)
There is a secret you have been hiding from your partner
You have been lying to someone (and need to clear it up)
You have been blaming someone for something (take responsibility even if you were right)

Those were just a few to clear your mind a bit and get your brain going.
I know you can think of something.

Do NOT bring this into 2011. Clear it up and then find a way to celebrate your accomplishment. This is a great excuse to treat yourself :-))

Live a life of peace and freedom. I'm telling you, there is no feeling like it. To me, it's bran new. these feelings are new for me and i will NOT loose it. I want to hang onto my new "ME" forever and i WILL!

Love, L:iz

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