Tuesday, January 4, 2011

JoyeRide Presents "The PUSH Project"

Ernie and i would like to send out a "Big hug and kiss" for all of you who assisted or donated with The Project Blanket. We are going to continue this project throughout the year and have another delivery date set for January 16. If you have any winter jackets or clothes, please contact us for a drop off location. These people are in dying need.

Ernie and i would like to announce our second "joined" project:

The “PUSH” Project
This Project organized by founder Ernie and Co-founder Elizabeth of JoyeRide Channel, will give women from shelters and rehabilitation centres a chance to transform their outer image and receive tips on self care and communication skills.

Ernie and Liz have developed a mission to help the often forgotten women in society. Many times these women, who are also mothers, have no sense of direction and feel low within their own skin. All they need is the “PUSH”. So we have created this project to make that difference in their lives.

We will be going into the shelters with our team, made up of professionals in the industry to provide total makeovers. They will be doing hair, makeup, wardrobe, massage, facials, and teaching them basic life skills.

We understand that many of these women have deeply rooted scars and the hands on attention they will be receiving from our group can heal some of these scars beyond what the concealer or blush brush can do.

We have been fortunate in our own lives to have survived our traumas and come to know and love ourselves. Now we would like to pass on what we have learned along our journey and how to keep and master it. We recognize that these women could have been us and still could very well be.

Our long term goal is not to just impact how these women see themselves but how society and the world “they” live in sees them. Clothes and makeup are just the beginning. Confidence will set them free. Our hope is to assist them in their healing process because we’ve been there and know the pain. In turn it offers them the chance to be successful women in their communities.

Mission Statement –
The mission of PUSH is to promote the confidence and independence of disadvantaged women by providing a full makeover, a network of support, career and life development tools to help women thrive in life and in work.

What do we need from you?
We are kindly asking that if you have any items at home that are in good to almost great condition but have not worn them in over 6 months to a year and don’t mind donating it for a great cause, please help us. Our goal is to style these women in clothing that they can actually attend a job interview in or wear to a family/friends function. We can’t do this without YOU!

We are REAL women, with a REAL story, that are striving to help REAL people.

To join us live on our JoyeRide Journey please log onto:

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