Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do You Have A Hobby?

Do you watch Dr.Oz?? If not, i encourage you to do so. It is amazing how informative that show is. Be it health, fitness, sexuality, relationships, lifestyle and much more, this man is amazing.

This past Friday as i watching his show which airs at 5pm every evening, i tuned into this particular show because it focused on Holistic Well Being
To get a complete 28 Day Holistic Health Overhaul, log onto this link and view. It is simple and I'm actually taking it on :-)

There was one thing that really caught my attention tho...Dr.Oz asked the audience how many of them had a hobby? In other words "something they do for fun on a regular basis" I stopped and was so shocked that i did not have an answer.......................................I felt so sad that i really could not answer this question. I mean if someone had asked me about 20 years ago, i would have so much to say BUT i was lost for words (to myself) He went on to say "I mean I'm sure many of you meet people that ask what you do for fun or what are some of your hobbies" I clearly recall many times being asked that very question numerous of times and i don't even know what i answered. The truth is, i don't have a hobby. Well i love writing and would like to consider it a hobby but i don't do it often enough anymore (until now)

As a child i loved so many things. Skipping/Double Dutch. Designing Jewellery. Art. Sewing. Reading (almost a book every few days) Walking (i walked every where) Skating. Roller Skating. Gymnastics. Bally. Swimming. Dancing. Skate Boarding (i was very good at it) and my list can go on. However as i got older i lost my passion for many of these things. You could not pay me to get on a skate board now lol.

This past weekend i decided to write down a list of four hobbies i would like to start again on a monthly/weekly basis.

Yoga ( i stopped this because of all the religious beliefs-retarded)
Writing (on a full time basis)
Bally or Gymnastics
......and the fourth is yet to be announced. I would say walking, but i do not know if i want to commit to this one during the winter days lol.

I have been reading a lot lately (at least a couple pages a night) I stopped this for about 5 months last year. Too many distractions and instead of going to bed with "Reading" on my mind, i was thinking about other much less important things.
Currently I'm reading Oprah Winfrey's bio written by Kitty Kelley. Great Read.
Someone once told me if you read 15 minutes a day ( in the morning before your feet hit the floor) you would be amazed at what you can get from it.

We run around all day being human"Doers" and not "human beings" and then wonder why we are so exhausted. How many of us are truly enjoying our everyday lives? What are we doing to benefit our well being? We are so consumed with work, work, work...and no play! Well I'm not living like this anymore.
We have got to take responsibility and make the changes we want to see in ourselves.

My Landmark Leader challenged me to recreate a new character for myself on a bristal board or paper. So like a new person all together. He said "new job, talents, personality, hobbies etc" As i did this last night on a board, i asked myself "why would i have to IMAGINE this when i can HAVE and BE this right now" So I'm committed to becoming this "new character" i have created on paper. It's exciting. I'm determined to making her come to life. I mean, I'm already a pretty fab chic, but i could be better (wink wink)

So, what is your hobby?
Don't have one? Create one and commit to it.

Love ya.
Lizzy Liz.

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