Monday, January 24, 2011

Kids Are Smarter Than You Think!

I truly believe we underestimate children and toddlers way too much. I tell you these little guys are the smartest human beings on the planet. Why? Because they are learning and eager and way too observant.

The strangest thing happened late yesterday evening with my little one "Captain"
About 5 months ago, Captain had done something and then told me something and then told me where he got it from. It was out "of the norm" I mean i could not believe what he was saying and honestly i got a bit upset. It was not that he swore but he said something that 2 year old toddlers should not say or do. Well, in my eyes...that is. What i did not take the time to understand or see is that children will almost ALWAYS copy what they see their parents doing or someone at school...even on TV. It's how they program. There is nothing you can ever do to prevent this. It's natural. So why would we want to prevent this. Right?

I asked him where he saw that and he answered me. My eldest son Keeno and i asked about 4 times and he kept assuring me that's where he saw it. I thought there is no way. He is making this up and is ONLY 2 YEARS old so he does not know what he is saying.

Well, i called dad and spoke to him about what Captain did and dad figured he was watching too much TV. So i agreed and told Captain never to say or do that again and since then he has tried but i make sure to correct him not too. He listens, but has that little "curious" brain growing and figures he can get away with it sometimes. Well he sees it on TV right? So why not? Right? (this is what I'm thinking)

Yesterday, many months later, after an altercation with dad and i.....sure enough my Captain was telling the truth months ago. I could not believe it. My then, 2 year old who is now 2 and 10 months, knew exactly what he was telling me and even got on the phone and told dad months ago. Without fear.Well of course without fear. He does not realize yet that what he was saying and doing was wrong. After all the "grown ups are doing it"
I felt so guilty and bad that i doubted what he said and did not believe him. I mean what was i thinking? The poor child was trying so hard many times since then to explain why he was doing what he was doing and i did not give him the chance to express it fully. I shut it down and told him not to do those things again and even prevented Keeno from watching certain movies in front of him again.

To all you mothers and fathers, when you toddler is trying to tell you something that may seem "the impossible" Please listen! Children do not get these things from nowhere. Either it is behaviour they are witnessing at home, families house, school or TV. But it is coming from somewhere. This is why C.A.S takes things so seriously. Because they have seen it all....and almost ALWAYS they are right. Sit your child down and have a heart to heart. Allow them to express themselves and then educate them accordingly.

This broke my heart and i could not sleep last night just thinking about how i could have prevented my little guy to express himself for the rest of his life. A child's personality is developed between 0 months to 6 years of age. The fact that he was actually trying to tell me something for several months and i did not believe it so i stopped him from saying it, could have and would have affected him forever.

Bad mommy :-((

Thank you Lord for revealing the TRUTH to me. Thank you for opening up my eyes to the TRUTH. Thank you for being our protector and father. Thank you for your timing.

Everyday i pray that God sees me and my kids through another day and that if there is anything i should see, learn or know to better me as a mother and woman, to reveal it to me without causing more than i can handle. But God assures us that "He will never give us more than we candle"

From this day forth, i vow to be the best mommy i can be and do whatever i need to do to protect my baby from the "bad people" Because folks there are sooo many out there. Keep a sharp eye on who you bring around your children. I'm VERY skeptic on the people i bring into my children's lives. I have always been this way and i will not BUDGE for anyone. The reason my 18 year old is such an amazing young man is because of what he was NOT exposed to as a child. This is not a joke. There are many things my mom does not know that happen to me and my siblings as children. I'm talking family members and people my parents trusted. So keep your eyes wide OPEN!

Captain and i had a nice chat last night. I said i was "so sorry" for not believing him....and although he may not have understand fully what i was saying, he will one day.....soon.

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