Friday, January 21, 2011

I Called A Lost Friend

I was sitting at home not too long ago writing down some notes on my Commitment List and one of my commitments were "To get in touch with 2 lost friends"

Well, i did not know how i would find her until my sister and i sat at my computer on Facebook looking through friends pages (which i rarely do) and i mentioned my friend to her "Jeninha" and she told me to try Facebook. Hours later i got back on and i found her.

I did not know what to expect because its been years since we have spoken. But i was determined to find these two lost friends. When i spotted her photo i was so happy. There she was in her profile pic standing tal and beautiful with a very handsome man. Her man. Her hubby. I was so happy to see how happy she looked and did not hesitate to ask her to "be my friend" (awww i love the way that sounds lol) I held no shame or regret or held nothing back. I mean... we were kids and we were foolish lol.

She added me and i was happy. We began chatting and it was as beautiful as i imagined. She is happily married and could not ask for anything better or more in her life. She was delighted that i asked her to be "my friend" and now we are on our way to rekindle a friendship. I feel amazing.

One; that i did not care to think of my past. Two; that i have a new friend.

Think of a lost friend today who you may have lost contact with over silliness. Call that person (if you have her/his) number or email them. You can even try FB. Like i did.

Even at a distance, if we are committed to it, old friends can slowly grow older together.

There are so many ways you can go about doing this. But just DO IT!
Life is too short and we all know those "special people" that we should have never lost in the first place. Yeahhh that one. Go ahead. your thinking about him/her right now.
Give it a shot. I did! And im sooo looking forward to going home tonight after skating with Captain and getting on my Skype to chat with her. We sure do have A LOT to catch up on (she lives in NY)
Love, Liz

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