Monday, October 3, 2011

For My Teen Girls - Save It!

Some people say that when a teen is sexually active at an early age, it has to do with "something missing" from her life. Not true. It can be a combination of many things. Parents, you could be the best parent in the world, it doesn't matter. It is something that is either missing in her/his life or something they are looking for. Maybe something they never had.

Sexual intercourse at an early age, having multiple partners or unprotected sex puts a teen (or anyone) at risk for sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies. What will it take to wake up our young people?

I'm begging you all to please read your statistic reports on HIV, STD's and the danger of being active unprotected. If you are active, get your physicals yearly and never do so unprotected unless you are married, or common long. Ok, I have to be a realist; or in a long term and steady relationship with one partner. I know it's happening and I would rather guide then direct you.

As a young teen, I use to think that my man loved me more because he didn't want to use condoms. I know that many of our young people think the same. I work with youth, so I know. This is a dangerous way to live. That man doesn't respect you and doesn't respect that you are the one getting pregnant not him. He could easily advise you to abort the baby caring very little about the damages it may cause to your body NOT HIS!

The reports I read this morning stated that teens between the ages of 15-17 use condoms more than 19-25
That was very surprising to me. It also states that the use of condoms have increased with teens. Now, that is great news.

In closing, I will say this, I was also a teen once and made some mistakes. All in the name of "looking for love" (in my case it was the love I never got at home) but if I can make a difference today by telling you TO KEEP IT LOCKED up until your married, I will. If you are currently active, than please protect yourself. It doesn't mean that a man loves you when he doesn't want to use a condom, it means he doesn't care. Unless he is your spouse, long term partner or husband. But let's say HUSBAND! It also shows that he is careless. STD's have no "look" it's invisible.

I gave birth to my first child at 17, and although he was a blessing to my life, because if I did not become a mother at 17, I may have been dead or caught up somewhere real dark. It forced me to become a woman early. Too early. I received a blessing, however I lost a lot and had to play major catch up later in life. What I'm saying is focus on your life, goals, education, dreams, plans and friendships NOW before getting out there and giving yourself away to someone who can literally take your life. It takes a very long time to truly know if someone is living a clean life. You have your entire life ahead of you, don't throw it away.

So to all my young girls, I say LOCK IT UP and save it for the one man God has cut out for you; your husband.

Love, Lizzy

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