Friday, October 7, 2011

Old = Beautiful

As Captain and i were taking the bus this morning (car is in the shop AGAIN) i was very attentive and aware of my surroundings. The "bus" does that to me. We sat at the front of the bus where the elderly sit and there was a little old lady that came on with a huge pack of paper towel. She got on right in front of the Canadian Tire Store so i guessed the paper towel was on sale. There was about 15 rolls in the pack. There was this "beauty" that this woman possessed and i could not help but stare. She looked Spanish or maybe even mixed with black. Her hair was curly but she brushed it out so it looked soft and wavy. She was about 85 years old with the most beautiful olive complexion. Her freckles were perfect :-)

When she sat down, Captain moved over a seat to give her the space to sit. She frequently smiled at Captain as he sat there playing with my phone. Captain had this connection with her. He kept staring at her and smiling back. I know my son and i know he felt her gentle spirit. So did i.

I started thinking about how it's so amazing when we get old, we are like babies all over again. She walked slowly, she struggled to sit down, and you could see that she had no care in the world; just like babies, toddlers and children. Older folk have no reason to put on a "fake" show. What you see is what you get. I began thinking about my life and how i would love to have their mentality in at my age. I started thinking about how she must feel when she goes to sleep at night. I wondered if she had a partner and how long they were together. I got this feeling that she was widow.

When she stood up to press the bell, Captain saw it and quickly stood on the seat to press it for her. He did it in a way that was "helpful" and she recognized it and said, "you are a special young boy." I almost started crying. It was moving. As she started walking, she dropped the paper towel. I quickly stood up and picked it up for her and stayed standing behind her in case she dropped it again. I wished we could sit and talk because i was sure she had a lot to teach me.

When she got off the bus, Captain turned to me and said, "mommy we helped her...she's nice, i like her."
Wow, i such a young age, he is aware or "pureness" and that was so beautiful. I continued the ride teaching Captain about respecting his elders and no matter what, they are usually right. I compared her to his teachers at school and family and taught him the lessons my parents taught me.

In my eyes, the older you become, the more beautiful you will be. Why? Because of the wisdom and knowledge you will gain with age. Now, that's something to look forward too huh? :-)

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