Friday, October 14, 2011

Do You Have A Secret?

What a beautiful morning. God is GREAT!
Colleen, Natasha and Elizabeth. The "Unique" Ladies

I woke up this morning and realized i forgot to log onto Full Circle yesterday to watch Colleen Miller speak on her "Story."
Well i have just finished watching it, and let me tell you, i feel so inspired and lucky to have this woman in my life as such a close friend. Despite having a the "Unique Group" together, Colleen and i were friends long before we started our youth events. She shared the story of being a pastor's daughter, growing up in the church and being in ministry; when she became pregnant with her "first boyfriend" (who is her husband now and they parent 2 boys) unborn child, and made the choice to abort the baby. She shares the pain of the shame she carried for 2 years alone. Out side of her very small circle of friends, she told not a soul. At the time, she was working for a crisis center that dealt with young women who were pregnant and wanted to abort the child. This was her work. She was scared and felt like a liar by working with these women after what she had just done.

Colleen knew there was a calling on her life but felt like she would never live it out until she brought that secret "out of the dark and into the light."

She finally did and has been released to LIVE her life freely and with the true power of God. Today she is helping many families, women and youth to live their lives without regret. To love. To HEAL. She is a walking testimony of what the power of Gods hand can do in your/our life.

I'm blessed to have Colleen in my life and know that i can count on her to be that voice or shoulder i need from time to time. She is never too busy for anyone. There were times i called her in the middle of the night and needed her, and she was right there. Never complained but always listened. She gave me the strength to SURVIVE!

This truly opened up my spiritual eyes on some things that i have been dealing with. She made me realize that holding secrets in the dark will never give you freedom. That the very thing you are keeping in the dark can save a life or soul. Someone may need to hear you speak. Share your story. Don't be afraid. Fear nothing but God. You will feel lighter and such a relief when you let it out. There is that saying, "The Truth Shall Set You Free" you don't even have to be in church to know this saying.

For more on the Full Circle story that Colleen shares, please log onto Colleen Speaks

If there is something in you that you have been hiding, let it out today. Call someone; your mother, father, friend, sister, brother or counselor and share your story or secret. God will use that very story in you to share with the world. To save lives. Don't be ashamed. Please.

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