Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Is With All This Garbage?

 These are actually real photos taken the "day of"

Ok, so Captain and i were taking the bus yesterday and out of nowhere he says, "ewww mom this is disgusting"
and as i looked down i could not believe my 3 and a half old was talking about the litter on the floor. Honestly what is this world coming too? I live in a BRAN new development. It is less than a year old and look what is happening at the bus stops ALREADY!

Why? How hard is it to throw your coffee cup or can of pop or even a bag of chips in the garbage. Ok so there is no garbage in sight....so hole onto it until you get onto the bus. That's what i do. Even my Captain does not throw his litter on the floor. It's nasty and wrong. Think of what you are doing to the air, the pollution. Even if you are not a "green" kinda person, please just make a difference. It's so wrong.

Moments after we saw this, a gentleman came and stood by us to wait for the bus. He was drinking a cup of Tim Horton's coffee and when he was done with it, he threw it on the floor. Before i was even about to open my mouth, Captain said "heeyy you can't do that. You have to put it in the garbage." The man was in shock and picked it up and said, "ok son, i will."

I was so proud of my son. 

Please please make a difference. What will Brampton or any other city look like 5 years from now? Do we really want our children raised in that kind of environment?

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