Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make Today A Happy Day!

When i woke up this morning and gave God thanx for everything i have, especially for waking me up, i realized how blessed i was when i was able to go in my fridge and make breakfast, turn up the heat, look in my closet at the many shoes and clothes i have to choose from. Turn my TV on and kiss up my Captain. There are so many things i can list, but i want to name the simple things that we never think we are fortunate to have. It's actually a privilege to have these things. Turn on the news or your computer and look at what is happening around you.

Today i want you to make it a Happy Day. Smile as much as possible. Hold the door for someone coming behind you, young or old. Buy someone a tea or coffee. Tell someone how beautiful they look. Call a friend to tell them you love him/her. Start reading a book. Write down your thoughts today. Start a journal....all these things are the reason why i usually have a happy day (most days). Do not allow the small stuff to get you. Brush off the little words that may upset you. Reply with a smile. I guarantee you will be amazed at yourself. My friends, life is too short to live it in misery.

Have an awesome and blessed day!

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